I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Don't people speak English anymore?! Get off my lawn!

Seriously. People aren't speaking English rightly anymore. (btw - I love that line in that golden oldie song: "Sometimes, I don't speak right; But yet I know what I'm talkin' about!" Get it? It's funny because it's funny. Anyway, yeah. I constantly hear stupid mistakisms when I listen to my classic rock station which is sadly on all the time, (just to further depilidate the head of the guy downstairs). This usually comes from local commercials, but it also comes from the announcers. It is pretty sad. But, lately, I have been hearing a whole lot of slips, brokenisms, and malapropisms on NPR, which is the other thing I have going 24/7. This is some serious fucking problem going on here and I need to become a famous writer just because.

So, um, what is this post about, really...? Oh! Chelsea Clinton! I looked at her recent Tweets. I do believe that Chelsea Clinton is a comfortably proselytized zombie, but I like that she posts about endangered animals, and related. I'd definitely do her. (flol) Everything below emanated from her Teets... I mean Tweets... (That was an actual typo)...

Aug 18 - RT if like us, you want to save for generations to come

Aug 19 - Want to help Orang-utans this ? Buy sustainable wood, paper and palm oil to protect their habitat. RT to share this tip!

And here is an example of muddled liberal thinking.  Note that I am constantly checking Alex Jones and guests, in his use of anecdote, which he generalises - to blame all liberals.  Similarly, I am constantly hearing screwed up reporting and logic on NPR.  In my opinion, this country is too far gone, now, to ever be saved.  Words.  Stupid words start wars.

Woops sorry - cannot locate.  But I am sure to do a future post on this, yars.  Saving for the animals.
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