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I am the person who will destroy China.

The Narrow Path of Totality.

As you all know, by now, the end of days is at hand.  Tomorrow, the world will end, due to a total eclipse of the heart.  Yes, I, too, am transmogrified by the unforgiving, exaggerated, highly Americanised hype.  However, if the world is indeed ending, then I suppose I should post about it.

Answer me this: "Can I look directly at the sun during an eclipse?!"

You might be surprised, but the answer is, "Yes!"
Actually, you might all know this info by now. I wanted to do this post like three weeks ago, when none of you knew diddly shit. But, here it is, for better or worse, 'til death do us part...

Yes, you can look directly at the eclipse. But this is ONLY if you are in the narrow path of totality, which is a phrase to squirm about. Sounds like a hippie drug experience. Sounds like American imperialism. Sounds like gay, lol.

OK - if you are one of the chosen few who are within the track of the complete eclipse, then you can turn your naked eyes to the event - but ONLY for between half a minute and 2 minutes, depending on your location, when the moon FULLY eclipses the sun. Do NOT look at it if you are outside of this path, OR when the sun is still fading, OR when the sun is suddenly emerging again. The appearance of the, "diamond ring," sun means that the sun becomes like a thousand times more intense than it usually is! Big danger here. You can only look at the eclipse when it is total, for a few seconds.

And those special glasses? Made in China. Not certified as safe even if they illegally say that they are safe.

OK - on to the end of the world stuff...

I think it might be accepted, by now, that lunar gravity influences, and sometimes triggers, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. This is no longer conspiracy theory. Therefore, it is possible that this eclipse may trigger such, especially where earthquakes are overdue. One such place is Yellowstone. An eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano would be complete apocalypse for the USA.

But a more likely possibility would be another massive quake along the New Madrid fault. The spot where the eclipse totality is the longest will be at Carbondale, Illinois. That is precisely where the New Madrid fault is most sensitive. The last quake along this fault was more massive than most any other quake in the country. It was wider in extent, ringing bells in Boston. We are overdue for another emergence of this activity. When the gravity of the sun is accompanied by the gravity of the moon, and it is focused right on the fault line, then, I am sorry - this is not fear-mongering or whatever - the probabilities increase. Which is to say, there is also a good chance that a quake will NOT happen.

But, to get a little more flaky on you:

You know how animals get weird before earthquakes or tsunamis? (My dog was super-weird a few days ago). Well, so does the behaviour of humans change, with the weather, or with the imminence of geo-tragic events. (Also, there is the probability of the future influencing the present, which is something I will not discuss in this post - later). So, in the days leading up to some tragic geo-event, there can be a lot of perverse human behaviour. Well, we do have a lot of statue-tilting, and protests, etc. So, this does contribute to the idea, and possibility, that a massive New Madrid quake may occur. However, as I said, there is also a big probability that nothing will happen.

The fact is that there has been a lot of hype over this event tomorrow, simply because the event is occurring in Americaland. I guess one would expect so much hype from an empire which is, as of late, perenially shooting itself in the foot. However, we are due for another New Madrid super-quake, and this is fact.

A few nights ago, there was a guy on, "Coast-to-Coast," arguing that places in the path of totality were often visited by devastating events. The events were not necessarilly immediate. He said that the 1980 eruption of Mount Saint Helens came a year after an eclipse. That is on the edge of superstition - which is what this post was originally planned to be about: The overlap of science and superstition - later. But, the intensity of two gravities on the land below - I think it is reasonable to think that shifts do occur, leading to big events. So, who knows?

Speaking of superstition... Sometimes, there are coincidences which happen which are entirely outside of the physical norm. These coincidences feed into superstition. But, you know what? They sometimes also feed into reality - so look out! Carbondale is experiencing a total eclipse - which happens only once in about 357 years, in any one place on the globe.

When will Carbondale experience the next eclipse? In the year 2024. I don't think the universe can pull off something like that without causing a serious quake by then. I am serious. That points to a serious quake, with high probability, by wut, like 2030. For hundreds of thousands, it will be like the end of the world. And, Edgar Casey and others have prophesied changes in the Mississippi and related rivers, such that there will be massive flooding in the Midwest. I know from studying past geology that massive sinkage of land is possible. Anything is possible. Don't ya just love it?!
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