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Famous People With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome!

You might never have guessed!

What is scientifically common, here? Of the 11 listed, 9 had careers that were highly creative. And, Florence Nightingale was an exceedingly generous, self-deferring, spiritually hopeful person, so, you can as well, call her creative. That leaves the female soccer player.

btw - this illness hits females more than males. It is all about our SYMPATHY. Somehow, that sometimes overtakes certain regions of the brain, probably with the assistance of some pathogen.

I have theorised that this illness has a lot to do with endorphins. In a CFS, "relapse," or, "flare," it is totally like being in remission from heroin. Pain everywhere! Brain strain everywhere. Cold Turkey! That's what it is like, over and over again, for extended periods.

It is also like sepsis, which is something I might post about later. Just glad I've said all this, for the record.

Endorphins are often related to dopamine. So, I just now read that there is low dopamine in people with CFS. Not surprising. Loss of executive function, hope, meaning, etc., appearing to be depression, although completely different. A topic for later.

Did you know that Cher had CFS? Randy Newman? LAURA Hillenbrand, the author of, "Seabisquit." How about Stevie Nicks? Check this out!

They all seemed to have gotten hit with CFS during extremely stressful times of their lives.

Another CFS victim: There is also the USA runner in the Sydney Olympics, who was, on top of her illness of complete stress and exhaustion, intimidated by assholes trying to run her out of the games. Anyone know her name? This would make an excellent movie.

Anyone who pushes themselves to the ultimates in creativity, empathy, sex, exercise, ambition, survival, late-night-studying, care for others: These are all people who may end up with CFS - an illness far worse than it sounds. The very vanguards of progressive society and evolution may fall down to become regarded as parasites, should they chance upon more than the stress in their lives, but some yet-as-to-undiscovered pathogen, in addition to normal herpes viruses and Candida.

Some of them retire to fight life-long battles, who should be receiving far more medals than any Olympic runner. But, instead, they are swallowed away like the evil spirits in, "Ghost."

In these days, when we are scavenging blacks and statues, you have no idea what is befalling the neuro-physically destroyed who, sometimes, look like they are fine to all the asshole world.

And, I should note. Contrary to what this article suggests: Most of the time, people with CFS continue on with it for the rest of their lives, until they die from cancer, OCMPD(?!), or suicide - completely forgotten and blasphemed. This is normally no 2 or 3 year disease.

Illinois has joined the ranks of five other states in stating an urgency to CFS understanding, research and accommodation. Search: Amy Mooney. The other states are: California, Mass., N.J., North Carolina and Georgia. Strong people, strong groups. N.C., probably went along because they were the former location of a national CFS organisation. Some other places: important CFS celebrities probably lived there.

Famous People With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: http://tinyurl.com/y9qwoaec/

BTW - Too sick to post in the last three days.

"If you are healthy and you want to imagine what my day is like, imagine what it feels like when you’ve had a bad day. You’re depressed, you’re ashamed, embarrassed, guilty. Then imagine an anxious day: say you’ve got a big project due and a lot to complete, a job interview, a public speech to give, or something terrible to confess. Then imagine what it feels like to have a cold or flu where you body is just achy and you feel inflamed, and your immune system is fighting, and you just want lie down in bed or take a hot bath. Then imagine what its like to have only slept for a few hours. Maybe because you were out drinking all night, so you stomach isn’t quite right, and you’ve got a headache. Then put them all together and imagine that is how you feel every day, all day. Month after month. Year after year, with no improvement. That’s about what my chronic fatigue feels like."
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