I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

I'm a little tired.

Cleaned up dog dirt, which I usually do on Mondays, (&c.), so that the lawn-mowers can come through a little later. Did some vacuuming, after a little cleaning. Fried bacon - giant pieces of bacon. I don't understand bacon it is all fat. But, I have to get rid of it, gradually pawning it off on my dog. Then fried a beef brisquit(sp?) and then a steak. Put the later two into boiling juices eventually for dogfood. But I will feed him the beef now, since I have run out of chicken. Pulled old tuna salad from freezer and decided I can eat it despite some old fridge taste. Also have spinach, broccoli, burritos, avocados, eggs, sauer kraut, coffee, tea, fermented chocolate and fermented V8, taco fixins, 4 canisters of mushrooms to add to the Brussels sprouts and parsnips and artichoke hearts for roasting soon! - its always a party in my fridge. Must make big salad tomorrow to last about a week. Watched, "40 year Old Virgin," last night, from my own vintage collection, lol. It's funny, but cheap. Have been researching King Arthur, on an off, in recent days. There are so many different myths and sources, I think maybe he was just an alien. I am going to rest and probably watch a movie. I liked, "Jeff, Who Lives at Home," and may watch it again. My brain is too burnt out right now to do my plan of watching, "Paris, je t'aime!" w/o reading the English subtitles - so I can practice my French, sort of. The past 2 days have been the most popular for my LJ possibly ever. I knew people would flock to me when they realised the end is near. The end.

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