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* - galaxy


Posted on 2017.08.13 at 19:59
Musique actuelle: Galveston!
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Here is a really tight power-pop trio from Northern Illinois.  Mark my words, they are destined to fame, once they get a decent front singer, like me, for instance.  Once they become famous, they will be known as being from Chicago, because Chicago appropriates the entire state.  Wilco is not from Chicago, despite one of their album pics, they are from Champaign/Urbana, (Shampoo-Banana).  Cheap Trick was not from Chicago, they were from Rockford.  The name, "The Chicago Blackhawks," was bought from the Rockford Blackhawks.  (Named after that area's famous Chief Blackhawk).  There once was a famous museum of clocks in Rockford, called, "The Time Museum."  It was sold to Chicago's Museum of Natural History, (or such).  Since that sale, business at that Rockford hotel declined, it fell apart, and now it is being torn down.  Cheap trick.

This band is very much in the tradition of Cheap Trick, but slightly more psychedelic and metal, and they definitely need me as a singer...  MILKED.

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