I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

On Expansive Genitalia - (and heads)

This is a post about expansive genitalia, which you may have gathered from the title.  Meanwhile, the pop radio station is  playing a piano rendition of Claire de Lune, which is arguably the best piece of music ever written...  Such is the irony...

I argue that, indeed, size does matter, when it comes to, you know. I hate to admit this because, although I am extremely long, I am not so wide, which is the important thing. BTW - you can always tell a man by the shape - or extent - of his nose. Except for men from Africa. They tend to have big shlongs. However, that didn't seem to help them in developing civilisation and preventing slavery, so, lol. It's gotta be said, dudes. I say what I see!

Nevertheless, I argue that, at some point in our evolution, it was better for men to be have bigger shlongs, because womens' vaginal tubes were getting larger and larger so as to allow the eventual passage of larger-headed babies! I do think that bigger shlongs make for bigger brains. And, this is confirmed every time I meditate sexually with fireworks and stars.

On the other hand, let me now speak of teeth. Many people with big shlongs also have big teeth. I have relatively tiny teeth but an elongated schlong. I consider myself lucky - amongst the tiny teeth people. But the big teeth people are a fucking BEAR.

Anyway, the reason why some people have tiny teeth is because they have descended from people who have long been associated with agriculture. Why? Because they no longer had to rip into meat, especially non-cooked meat. But, this leads me to this following hypothesis:

People with tiny teeth are better able to tolerate alcohol! This is certainly true in my case. I can drink most people under the table - and yet I am not addictable to alcohol! I think I am even more distinguished from the red-haired Irish, in this, who seem to have bigger teeth.

If you look into you lover's eyes and he or she opens her mouth to smile and you see that he or she has big teeth, I advise you, for the sake of evolution, to go and find someone with tiny teeth, lol. Hopefully, this new person may have elongated genitalia, although maybe not expansive. Size doesn't matter anymore, anyway, because we need to stop having children anyway!!!

Well, I guess if we are going to other planets, then maybe super-sized heads would work out, but call me old-fashioned. Call me provincial. There is an argument to be made for moderate heads, yes?
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