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I just thought I would add to THIS post:

Persistence is a prime evolutionary trait for humans, which most of you are.  You have heard so many quotes and, indeed, religious maxims, telling us that invention is 99% perspiration; or that the early bird gets the worm; or to try try try-again; or the itsy-bitsy spider - and the quotes are endless!  Religions teach us to keep plodding on despite the evils of the world because, in the long run, your altruism won't just get you to heaven, it is better for civilisation.

Persistence is built into each and every one of us.  It sometimes shows as dogged stubbornness, and gets us in trouble.  But this problem is at the root of the wonderful and strange creation we have wrought, which is called justice.  For the most part, though, our dogged persistence acts in the better interest of the evolution of our species.  Just look at all other species, undone by the urgency of their snouts, or their stomachs, or their genitalia, or their animal wrath.  With the benefits of society, like instant avacodos from Mexico, all we really have to worry about are our expansive genitalia and drugs - from Mexico...

Scientists agree that the human ability - not to run faster than prey - but to persist in running and walking and out-running prey - this was our evolutionary advantage.  We totally killed the megafauna - until we luckilly invented agriculture, a boring, life-draining vocation, if ever there was one.  Just think: persisting on and on, that some seeds should survive through the vicissitudes of weather and climate?!  That is persistence!

We honour the farmers, even though our system does not pay them well enough.  That is a problem with the system - a system which has, in an "evil" way, veered towards quick-kills instead of keeping with persistence.  But, if you look back to all the sages of the ages, economic, moral or hip, you will usually find them saying that persistence is the key - that modesty and moderation in moral and biological conduct gets you living longer - that blue chip stocks and long-term low-yield bonds build a better nest in the long-term - and that consistency and principle are to be revered and practiced, because nothing gains wealth - like trust!

Dogs and cats have sweat glands on the soles of their feet.  This must be true of other mammals.  I have heard that these glands exist to allow cats better traction.  A little moisture, instead of none or too much, is helpful in climbing, e.g., trees.  But why dogs?  Why do dogs have sweat glands on their paws?  I am sorry.  I do believe it has to do with thermoregulation, at least down there.  That being said, lets move on with our theme...

The wonder of humans is that they went from sweaty feet to entirely sweaty bodies.  The ability to sweat, (if you listen to NPR), has given humans the ability to dump a huge amount of heat.  This has allowed humans to walk and run long, long distances, thereby out-walking and out-running prey.  The number of science shows I have seen confirming this ability is enough to prove this hypothesis to be 100% true.

Like disgusting jackals or hyenas, humans pack-up and follow prey as if waiting for carrion - but we go one step beyond: we out-persist our prey.  And that is something to be proud of - if we could only put it towards more planet-wise uses, which some of us are doing...

Civilisation is a history of persistence and conspiracy.  Look at how we all conspire to get food to one another.  Look at the clothes on your back, from India or Guatemala.  Look at all the technical inventions which had to happen before you could have that iPhone in your hand, acting like you are the fucking wonderment of creation.  It has all been conspiracy, of society, through this thing called economics.  Economics persists because, en masse, investors keep shuffling their money around, forever hopeful that they will succeed, forever persisting.

But, just look at the poor women discretely sewing each stitch, or packaging each toy, or sealing each seam - always just, forever, persisting.  Look at the homeless, finding a diversity of new ways to survive on a wing and a prayer - ways that most of us just walk over.  And.  This annoying homelessness problem.  This thing which is such an affront to our human dignity.

Somehow, it doth persist!
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