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the pain in brain mainly drives me insane - say again - again

Posted on 2017.08.11 at 21:18
Again, I have been too ill to do anything serious.  Almost fully disabled, and most of that is due to brain prob + fatigue.  It really seems that there is a correlation between my worst spells and my browser/computer slowing down to a snail's crawl - so, like, I have been in bed most of the day trying to deal with it, for hours.  Got it so I can log in and post, but I am done now, for the night.  I hope to be writing again soon.  Tomorrow, I hope to get to a farmers market in the morning.  Even while I get painfully disabled in the cumulative weight of all my recent exertions, I continue to push myself as soon as I can.  It is just breaking me down.  Maybe the sun has something to do with it, its recent activity forcing me to be active, and then its radiations (+plus my CFS reaction) cripples both me and my computer - ir idkwtf.  I do know it is hell.  And I know the sun has been acting up since late July.  Tomorrow, we get hit by a solar wind which my body already knew was coming, and at the same time we get hit by a meteor shower - http://www.spaceweather.com/ -Believe it or not, meteors have electromagnetic influences on things - that is why you can hear them coming at you even if they are travelling faster than sound.  Anyway, we soon have the eclipse, which forbodes every damn theing from nuclear war to the reinstatement of Hillary Clinton, say some, lol, ugh.  Oh - yesterday was also a bad day, but I got some freer time, wherein I felt bad about bee Girl leaving.  I will probably post about all that soon.  But, she left her husband and took her kids back to Virginia, and I have been feeling some pain over what she went through, etc.  So sad.  Apparently, she had only very recently been helping oversee some aspects of public clean-up after the downtown floods here - then she was gone.  Poof.  I last talked to her on the phone about my AC around July 14, and by August 9 she was no more.  Anyway, I really hope to be back in touch with you soon, esp. that Canadian girl with the books.  I am just not myself, and feeling drained and brain pained.  After a whole day of hurt, I just have enough energy to stare at Lindsey Lohan for 90 minutes and hopefully go to sleep early.  Sleeping more has not been helping yet.  I'm not afraid of the end of the world I just want to be standing up when it happens.


meowmensteen at 2017-08-12 03:05 (UTC) (Lien)
It's a bummer that so many thinks are making you feel more unwell.

I'm still trying to figure out why an eclipse happening over America is so much more important than ones that happen over other places.
where hypotheses come to die
madman101 at 2017-08-12 18:31 (UTC) (Lien)
lol - (The divine American eclipse) - I noticed that too, but I guess I just kinda accepted it as more of the norm. It's probably not too different than bombing millions of innocent people because we have no idea who killed "our" 3000 people in the WTC, although it probably was Saudi Arabia, and other moneyed pals - and we did so with the excuse of WMDs, when really what it was all about was corporate oil.

Or, it probably wasn't too different from blaming Hurricane Katrina on gays.

Once the GOP finally decides global warming is a real phenomenon, then they can say that it exists to purify our land and bring us back to god.

The eclipse may be apocalypse, but it is OUR apocalypse. And only the $aintly shall be saved.

Anyway - yes it is true everything affects me. I had an honest response to that which I decided I might just make a mini-post as a matter of courtesy. However, I have forgotten what it was to be, for the moment...
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