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Living Large

I got my table today! Yesterday, I spent all day on the super-slow intertrap, getting ready to order it online. But I wanted to find a promo-code (coupon) online, but I never did. Since the sale ends today, I decided to wait to see if I could manage a bus ride which I had scheduled for this morning, but which is the sort of thing which is usually impossible for meh. As it happens, even though the freak downstairs is making more heart-shattering BANGS, etc., I got away with sleeping last night in the sacrosanct back room, unbeknownst to him, and sheltered from the electric gods of wifi. I GOT GOOD SLEEP + I added a few micro-naps here and there.

There and fore, I had enough energy to tackle a morning spree. After ATM, went to library first, then waited for bus outside said library. While I was walking out of the library, a nice dude at least ten feet ahead of me held the door open for meh, and I said THANKS! Then I waited at a patio table. The guy got in his car, but there was this car stationed illegally behind him, disallowing him from egressing, zutes alor.

The idle car was between me and the nice guy. It was in the vehicle right-of-way, not in any parking, waiting or loading area. There was a so-called female driver yapping out the window to a so-called man standing by the car. Just chatting away, with no consideration of anyone else. So, the nice guy is stuck in his stall, saying, "excuse me!" (I don't know if any of you know this, but, "Excuse me," does not cut it with assholes. If it had been me, I would have kicked ass from moment one, seriously.

I am sorry to say that I have seen so many towns and burbs and hoods growing into the blight of urbanisation, where people (relative losers) keep trying to implement the moral niceties of such things as, "please," and they get eaten alive. At least I can be happy that I have been around and know how to cut the crap, even though my behaviour has put me in disfavour with some townie neighbours, white or black. But, I'm playing the long game. I am neither townie nor urban blight. I am ju-u-u-u-st right, lol.

So, this guy honks his horn, and they don't bat an eyelash. They just keep on talking. AS IF THEY WERE BIG CITY HOO-HAW IN THEIR OWN MINDS. pffft. (I could have pulverised them in my righteous indignation, which is my best card).

Now, I was late on this. Because I have a policy of separating myself from all local anything. But, I was just about to step in and show my plumage in all its vain glory. I am really so good at kicking ass, especially of the verbal sort. And, I really do feel so sorry to Mister Nice Guy that I delayed a little too much. Surely, someone needs to give him deserved fellatio.

However, my bus was just pulling in, and I knew that this show of force would dissipate the situation, which it did. So, all's well, but I still feel bad for that guy.

So, that is the story-part of this post. I got to the store and bought some food, then walked to the big box home improvement store. I looked everywhere for an on sale cleaning product, but no one was any help. Seriously, townies are a serious problem, economy-wise. I'll write of them some other day. So, I gave up on that and started looking for my table. I got to the right area, but the help, as always, was sparse. Eventually, I found a guy to retrieve the table. He wheeled it to the bus area. Then, there happened to be a nice guy driving the bus, and he helped me load it through a door in the back of the bus, which was more than I could ever have hoped for.

When I had set up the bus-ride by phone yesterday, I got Anna. I had once asked asked a younger black bus driver about her. He said she was his girlfriend's sister. So, now she knows that I think she sounds cute, and she is always a sexness to talk to. Yesterday, we had a little run-around about my wanting to load a picnic table onto the bus. But, I got her to say OK, and she maybe even set up this guy to pick me up. He was black. Black as the day is long!

And I told this driver about the rude people I had encountered at the library that morning, screwing that ultra nice guy. But, did I mention their races? No, not at all. I should have, because he might be thinking that I was implying that the assholes were black. How do you just come out and say, "And none of the people in my story were black" lol?! That's right, the good guys, the bad guys - all white. The asshole driver? A woman. So, you never planned on this in multicultural school, huh?

Yesterday, I got some lanky tall black guy yelling at me about my dog. Irrationally. So, it's all good.

This driver helped my load the table onto my porch. After that, I let my dog out, and then proceeded to haul it upstairs. 70 pounds. Packed like shit, with the heavy steel parts trying to burst out, clanging around. Excellent revenge against the crazy bald guy. Eventually, I got it into the kitchen, just before it almost exploded out of its shabby box. I will let it sit there until I am good and ready. Hopefully, this display of musculature will shut up the guy downstairs for a few days, as did the buying of the AC. Who would have thought that someone from Chicago would defer in respect to the primacy of capitalism - the buying of things?

After all, isn't that the ideology of the University of Chicago School of Economics, of Milton Friedman, Barack Obama, privatising Rahm Emmanuel, and all those econoclasts who went in and destroyed Chile and Argentina? It's so fucking weird to be respected for buying crap., CRAP!

How I TRY to buy: I try to buy based on personal concerns, and I wish I could do this according to buy-American stragedies. Unfortunately, I recently bought an AC, and now this table, both of which were born in China. WHY are things from China being dumped here? It is NOT OUR fault - it is because of corporate and government policies and corruption. I urge all of you to buy American - even if that is what Trump is now espousing, YAY FUCKING YAY. However, I shop for value, too, and that ended up Trumping my huge desire to buy American. But, at least both times, I bought from a great WISCONSIN chain.

More and more, I shop for things that can last outside, SO - that means that if you take outside rugs and use them INSIDE instead, then they are going to last a LONG time! I don't know why other people haven't caught on to this. There is a small chance that your home will be hit by a flood. Especially now with global warming. So, if your whole house fill up with water, then maybe you can salvage a bunch of stuff, like "patio" furniture, yes?

Currently, I have a round hand-me-down kitchen table which is really trying to fall apart. Its legs aren't really screwed in right, or at all, and sometimes it swoops down. So, I am really glad to have a complete, stable replacement. But, more than this, if I move to a new home, I can put this new table outside. And, if I marry a prolific baby producer, then this table will be a lot of fun for kids! Even as I die, I am always looking towards the future. At the very least, this will be an awesome kitchen table - priced at $130 - and I ultimately paid $30! Fuck yes.

I am all about value.

Oh - so yeah - I am spending like an American, lately. You all know the AC saga. But I also bought a huge beach towel. 40"x70". Why? Because big towels are great for hot humid sweltering days, and months. I am now using THIS towel as regular linen in my regular, main bed. I no longer really need it, cuz of the new AC, but it is awesome fun. I prefer terry cloth over linen! I wanted something more camo, but this is sweet enough. Original price, $35.99 - I spent $12.59, and it looked like this:

The next post will probably be about Bob Dylan...

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