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One Step Beyond!

Posted on 2017.08.01 at 20:58
World Cafe is doing a show on all the videos played on MTv's first day. How awesome is that?! One of these songs is, "One Step Beyond!" by madness. Some of you know, this is my kind of music. I derived all my spiritual sustenance from English Beat.

But - I think I gotta go, and stop listening to this. After yet more excessive exertion today, I am hoping to run off into the night and see the movie, "Dunkirk," which is an English movie with and American budget, pretty much ignoring all Frenchies. Done by the same guy who made, "Intersteller," which I loved, and all that Batman stuff, which I hate, but have never seen. Which is a lot like religious faith, isn't it, lol.

So, the eggman never came by. Also, I paid off $100 to the guy holding my gold coin as collateral on the loan for my AC. Believe me. Do it this way if you can, it rocks. No real interest, just a one-time fee of $15, and he didn't even level that until after I started asking questions. Weird.

I did ahella walking today. Despite brainage drainage, I am proud to be a muscled zombie man. Got to two grocery stores. waited at second one for my bus - for an hour. Turns out, they had scheduled me for 6:30 am pick-up, instead of 6:30 pm pick-up. This is despite the fact that the scheduler had clearly asked me if it would be pm - and I clearly said yes.

I have enough brain problems as it is. being stuck in this town is like being in Green Acres, forever - except, it is more like the Titanic.

I got four more movie DVDs, as luck would have it. And renewed Typee, but the movies will prevent me from ever completing Typee. I should do my post about islands soon - esp. cuz one of my LJ friends is going to Neiu, which is a song by No Doubt. OK - I gotta run to catch this movie...


meowmensteen at 2017-08-02 04:33 (UTC) (Lien)
Seems like that song is all over the place this week. I even got KEXP to play it the other day.
where hypotheses come to die
madman101 at 2017-08-02 04:46 (UTC) (Lien)
I totally know that. Your post was awesome. I was too ill to comment on it but oh I shall I shhhhall....
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