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I am the person who will destroy China.

the lonely art of survival

"This American Life," is playing that amazing episode again, including the two kids who were forced to conspire in lies with their schizophrenic/narcissistic mother.

Anyway, ever since getting/installing the AC, I have been soooo tortured by illness, intermittently but in long spells. One main prob has been severe, weird headaches. No way I can think or post during these. But I have gotten a few things done, like cooking, so all I'm going to mention is food, for now.

Managed to walk early to a farmer's market, bought some veggies while they were closing. Went to other stores and walked home. Veggies languished until tonight.

I also made a big batch of spanish rice, but included split peas, lentils, mushrooms, etc. Very good, but not really Spanish rice. A little seasoning on top and it was great. Just too much of it. So I decided to make burritos using it. I got the burrito bread during my excursion on Saturday. Also bought two small pizza shells. All were gluten-free.

All at the same time: Made six burritos, which included refried black beans. However, the bread broke at every fold. Also made tow little pizzas. I retrieved the home-made sauce from the freezer, and also cooked in fresh basil from the farmers market, etc. It honestly turned out to be the best sauce I have ever made or tasted! It was amazing. But the burritos were just bland, pretty much. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Also, I made...??? - oh! I made a big bag of popcorn. All popcorn is non-GMO, btw.

The next day - Tuesday - I went to do laundry and shop. The bus driver offered to sell me organic eggs, so I will get them next Tuesday. Even though I feel really horrible at the moment, I am thinking of walking down to the farmers market again tomorrow, and doing the same thing. I have too much vegginess, but I still would buy things like mushrooms, herbs, tomatoes, who knows.

Tonight, I have been boiling kale and Swiss chard. I saved a good deal of kale for me and dog to eat in freshness, over time. I will freeze the rest. I found that Swiss chard is pretty nutritious. I am boiling that up separately. I am saving much of the fresh stalks for whatever. I will also be boiling some beats, to be sliced, and then to be fermented, and then to be pickled and put away in the fridge. Beats are great - lots of silica, etc. I could use twice as many for this projects, so please pray that, tomorrow, I get beats, and not beat.

My computer is freezing up again so I will need to shut it all down which takes time, and start all over again. I really am going to have to do something serious about this soon - because it is now happening only 2-3 days after any reboot.

One thing I can sometimes do when ill and fatigued is to just become a vegetable and stare at a movie, hopefully to appreciate it. Latest movie: "Tristan + Isolde," which I hope to post about. Have seen it once, and then twice with each commentary - and soon: once again. This is what I do when I really study a movie. And, I sometimes miss a few things the first time around, due to the holes in my brain. Time to turn off the chard...

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