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I am the person who will destroy China.

Donald Trump is Monitoring NPR

This is one of those things I notice, from simple shifts in the ordinary. But I am pretty sure of it. For what it's worth, Donald Trump is now monitoring NPR. And I mean that he is emphasizing monitoring of NPR. (It's not a casual thing. And I applaud him, because this is a politically smart thing to do.

What Trump is now doing is what Obama and Clinton were doing expertly in the past. And it is probably via the assistance of some loyal intelligence agent. It can be called, "co-opt the latest sound bite - knock it out of the water". For example, a recent mega sound-bite regarding the brain cancer of John McCain, on NPR, was John Kerry saying that, "I love John McCain!" This was almost immediately co-opted by the outgoing Trump communications director saying that he loves Trump, about five times.

I realise that this sort of mechanism is the only way for reigning politicos to survive, and I give kudos to those who recognise it, but it really disgusts me. It's like rolling out Buffalo Bill to ape the disappearing Indians, and it is like what my relatives have been doing to me my entire life. It is like the knowledge that, "History is written by the victors," which ignores the fact that reality is not.

Another indication of this Trumpian Trumpianism is that a top Trump administrator was brought onto NPR to discuss anti-'free'-trade, which I support, as do most Bernie people. The guest was suprisingly savvy re: NPR, and kept his temper, and even patronised NPR. It was really amazing.

Another example of this Trumpian co-opting of NPR messaging is immediately after NPR was shouting that the GOP had no choice but to, "own," the failing legislation on Obamacare, (and thus Obamacare itself), Trump and related GOP began shouting that they had no intentions of, "owning," it. It's very subtle things like this that I pick up on. Now, "own," is back into newsy parlance.

In fact, I have several other proofs that Trump is aping NPR, to steal the credit. Maybe I will insert them into this post later. If he is doing this, it means he has already had a discussion as to whether he could shut down NPR, and has decided not to do so for the time being.

In my opinion, something has to be done about NPR's obnoxious DNC bias. It exists in their news and news programmes. Just one casual example: (Even though I LOVE the show), "Wait, Wait! Don't Tell Me!" The latest show is about 50% anti-Trump - on public funding. I love the humour, I agree with the politics - but that is just not right. The NPR news shows get so over-the-top that it literally nauseates me.

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