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I Gotta Lust for Life

Struggled to start my day, especially after guy downstairs shocked me awake with his loud banging at me at 2:am. My heart raced but I did manage to fall back asleep eventually. With successive naps, I managed to save my circadian rhythm enough to start working on the Air Conditioner by around 2:pm.

I now have the AC installed and humming away. I have it on, "dry," mode, in anticipation of tomorrow's heat and humidity wave. I am ready for sleep, but I might try to work away some more DVD hours so I can get them returned to the library soon. Three interesting movies to post about, plus two series on WW1.

I sawed a lot of wood today. The installation was complicated because of this old house's contorted window sills, and the support kit was too small, imo. I also thought I had an electric drill, but I guess I don't anymore. (I'm also missing a giant tree saw I once wielded lovingly. So, I had to do a lot of hand screwing, which has nothing to do with sex, btw.

I've got blisters on my fingers!

"Surprise! Partehhhh! Who's to blame - when parties get - out of hand?!"

Woe - this is a great set! Courtney Barnett... I wanna go out & I wanna stay home...

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