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Teleportation: Photon particles today, humans tomorrow?

Posted on 2017.07.15 at 13:21
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More entanglement, yay! - Teleportation: Photon particles today, humans tomorrow?

There are a few reasons why I suspect that we shall never be able to transport humans:

- Our species is mortal - we only have a limitted amount of time before we are toast. A hundred monkeys could accomplish anything given an infinite amount of time but we don't have an infinite amount of time.

- Human beings are too molecularly complex to teletransport. The only chance it has of being done is if it were executed by AI supercomputers, if at all.

- It would take far too much energy, just as would time travel in Einsteinian theory.

- If it could be done, we would have seen extraterrestrial time-travellers walking around on Earth already.

Be that as it may, I do feel that, "bridge dimensional," travel may be theoretically possible. In that case, people would not be transported to the actual place, but to an approximate potentiality. Thus they would show up as ghosts in the target world. Again, our own ability to ultimately achieve this is highly doubted.

HOWEVER, I really do feel that, if we survive long enough, we shall become capable of superluminal info transfer via plant molecular/consciousness, which would be able to reach areas across the galaxy, at least, if we somehow figure out how to geo-locate. Thus, we would be able to send, e.g., crop-circle information across the universe, as we ourselves are receiving now. The advances in physics today are astonishing. But there is even much more going on, hidden from the science sites and magazines. That includes weaponry, btw.

PS - I believe we shall definitely become capable of superluminal communication, e.g., between quantum computers on Mars and Earth, in something I would call, "quantum spatial configuration telepathy."

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