I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

The Air Conditioner Conspiracy

If any of you are thinking of buying an AC, talk to meh. I spent the last two days laser-focusing on this issue. All day looking at an LED screen is bad for anyone, and I am an especial anyone. The LED's all oscillate at the same ultra-high frequencies, and this is very different to what is in nature, which is chaotic and multi-polar. You need chaos in order to make creative and revitalising jumps between neurons. If you look at the same bright standard high frequency, you don't settle down, you get bad sleep, you age and you die. It is worse with CFS, where any input destroys all energy. So, I was overwhelmed with brain probs and fatigue. It was a real struggle trying to focus. Took many occasions of resting. It sounds so silly, but it is severely serious stuff.

I didn't think I would be able to meet my bus appointment today. It was set up JUST IN CASE I wanted to buy a particular AC. I worked comparing and pricing so many other AC's today, only to discover that, yes, I should buy the one in my pre-arranged bus appointment. But, I felt so ill... WOULD I be able to make it? Yes, I did. Well, it was like this... I left by 4:pm, walking a long way to the supermarket. Which is bad enough. Caught some nice eye action with a few hot girls. Fridays are always good. (Too rushed to flirt). Then I walked to the cheaper supermarket. I chose to do this despite being in a rush, partly so I could get some dollar-bill cash-back. Then I began the longest trek, to the land of Big-Boxes. A very long trek for anyone - and I have CFS!

Finally got to the Big Box supermarket, (Walmart), and bought some things. Then jaunted over to the Big Box home-and-yard supply store. I thought for sure I would not be able to make my bus appointment home at 6:15pm - but it actually worked out!

There, I selected the AC, and then got service from some sexy lumber men. They were townies and so they spoke and did everything like there are 48 hours in a day. On the other hand, they cared and wanted to care. So. You have to consider that in people, too, right fuckers? They took me to chat about lumber, etc., and then cut some pieces up. By the time I was ready for the cashier, it was only 6:pm! Then, one lumber guy wanted to take me shopping for screws, and who was I to refuse, woo hoo?

I had to carry the AC myself, into the bus, and into my apartment. I try not to do heavy lifting because of the CFS after-effects, but I can do it. I've done worse. After all these years, I still can't shake these impressive biceps. I remember a long time ago, a waitress said, "Why are you lifting weights? Your muscles will only get flabby when you get older!" I think that was a very anti-me attitude. Because, in my world, there isn't the slightest sign of flabbing now or anywhere in the future. I have the body of a 12 year old girl on male steroids. A lot of good it does me. All I want to do is sleep.

As far as finding the right AC goes - went,,,

Almost all ACs are made in China. It's disgusting. I really wanted to buy a GE, because even though its ACs are imported, at least some of its other products are made here. Alas, GE provides insufficient product info, plus it apparently offers less features on its ACs. GE finally lost out. Frigidaire likes to say that its products are made with American pride, but its ACs come from China. Still, there is quality. I really, really wanted a Frigidaire because of the added air ioniser. But Frigidaire lost out. One model lost because it blew too weakly. The other lost because it had no dry/dehumidifier mode. I began looking at a Danby model. ALL of these models can be seen rated HERE - (check it out) - although I went to every make and model and store online you can imagine.

Things became easier when I realised some parameters, like, I need at least 6,000 BTU. And I need a remote - (and it would be great if it could remotely set the local temp). Dry mode. Energy saving. A healthy blow job. And, I knew I could go lower than $200 and still be happy.

While investigating, I discovered that there were a great many names of an air conditioner which always looked the same. Someone was mass-producing these, and sellers were selling them under many different names. Surely, they were from China. I really hoped to avoid any of these, for fear of cheap break downs, bad service, and such. But it turned out that the AC which finally won my contest was actually one of these. (I should say that they all looked the same, but they were various models with various features).

I gave in to the Air Conditioner Conspiracy and finally went with the choice of a "Soleus" which I didn't have to order offline. It was waiting for me in a local Big Box Store. I bought it for only $156 - here it also is. Mind you, I am highly suspect, but if it works for a while, then good. My cost including the AC, the wood, the screws, and an AC brace, was $210 - about right.

Now I have to be austere for months ahead. But at least I'll have a few days of coolness. Judging from normal CFS conditions, it could be a week or two before I actually get it installed. And I am certainly looking forward to all the violent grief I get from the crazy baldman troll living under my bridge. He already did some big bang thing after I got home tonight. But, ever since he saw those bags of yard refuse sitting on my porch, waiting to be picked up by my LL, he has been pretty quiet. Same thing happened the last time I left some bags out. Why does he get quiet? Because he fears that I am in tight with the LL lately. I seriously think he has been pretending to be on the phone to the LL every time I go outside with the dog, hoping to inspire just such apprehension in me. I hate how crazy people try to infect you with their own dysfunction. But, its really not so abnormal here in Illinois, and I've now got to graduate from ACs to rubber, and get the fuck out of here.

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