I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Human Nature, aka., The Darker Side of Human Nature - Part One

Aside.. I have to tell you that I totally expected this expose of Trump-Russia magical agreement. Whether you are left or right, I have felt that this whole Trump anti-Russia thing was contrived by USA intelligence, and that Trump would soon enough bring it to a close. (Just because you don't like SOME of his policies does not mean that GOOD things could not be happening on his watch! If you cannot conceptualise this then the revolution does not need you, lol).

In fact, the two narcissists oddly came to agree that a mutual security arrangement, working against any cyber spying on future elections, would be a good thing. We don't want global censure on internet cross-talk - but I think that some clamp-down on possible cyber-electioneering would probably be a good thing, right?

Sure enough, GOP partisan freak, Ranks Previous, came right out and declared that in fact Trump was being shrewd about Russia. He meant that Trump was being really cautious and hesitant and hateful.  Ergo: Don't take the agreements seriously. Immediately after that, came the declaration by paid war-machine-mongerer, Lindsey Graham, saying that everything Trump tried to agree to was impossible. We can now expect McCain to be out tomorrow saying pretty much the same thing. Thank god we have the idiot liberals, of course, enthusiastically endorsing all this, simply because they are anti-Trump. This kind of cross-fire stupidity is why we will probably never get a truly progressive, populist president.

Excuse me if I now sound racist. First of all, the problem locally is all NORTHERN ILLINOIS, as I have said before. People from Chicago to Des Moines are fucked up. Maybe I can give you a few personable examples below. TBC...
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