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Go West, Young Rapist

Posted on 2017.07.05 at 23:02
Despite being through CFS hell and high water, tomorrow shall be day #3 of unrelenting activity.

Yesterday, still in the throes of brain problems, I crawled up into the hole open to the dirty attic. I was almost too afraid to do it, for fear of falling and breaking my neck, but I did it. The whole attic shows that this house was once hit by some kind of fire. There are relics of char, and pigeon eggs, and other eggs, and a shortwave wire antenna, which I may yet exploit, dear journal. The heat was exorbitant - and I had to throw off my hoodie to unleash unforgiving sweatage. Why did I go up there? Well, every year, the white garbage bags I put into the windows as sun-stops completely disintegrate. So, I brought up some superior cloth in their place. These also work as a kind of ventage of preferred winds. So valued in these sweltering days - but also in the chills of the great northern winters, my dear readers.

Apart from that adventure, I cleaned away the remainder of my dog's occasional vomitures in yee back room, and so began the so-called vacuum-cleaning of the back-there. I took my vacuuming none-other than to the middleness of mine apartment. Alas - so much doggish shedding had acquired that I felt that the rest of the apartment required a later survey.

In addition to these blasphemous activities, I cooked nonsense, and eventually left for the grande malls of the East, i.e., the great palaces of epileptic seizures.

Thereupon, I bought trinkets from the east, and toilet paper made by hallowed dysfunctionals in here yore town of nunsuch.

What else? A lot more happened on this active day... Oh, yes... This was July Fourth, and, since the downtown theatre only charges $5 on Tuesdays, I went and watched, "Wonder Woman." I will post later about this movie. Maybe. After the movie, I went into a corporately private sidewalk alcove, and sat and watched some continuing July 4 explosions, made in CHINA, btw. Then I went home. By 9:30 AM, the old bald guy downstairs was banging on the walls - for me being home so late, despite the fact that local independence explosions were far louder than anything then I had ever done, and had lasted all night. That just shows to go ya - fucking white ass Chicago bastards want to control every thing and every one.

Today, I spurned these advances, and left to the library around 3:pm. I also checked into the local gov't regarding a possible house. No time for library business - the cab had to go - powered by some one from Chicago. Needless to say, I got home alright and I am done with this post.

Except - I have been watching, "The West," (see Ken Burns), and get to it as soon as you can. More later. Seriously. Lots more.

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