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I am the person who will destroy China.

Global Swarming

Some of you might remember my past observations on the ants in front of my house, who seem to swarm on the day before July 4. I entertained various hypotheses on these - including the possibility that they might have been scared out by the early firecrackers. Well, we can now discount that theory, since there have been zero firecrackers, but the ants were swarming - early - on my front path. A magically weird annual ritual. And, since this is June 28, then we can completely discount any antean premonition of July 4 fireworks. SEE how scientific I am - it just takes a long time for NATURALISTIC OBSERVATION to work its way into science.

I suspect that today's early swarming is due to global warming. The local weather is also dangerous - so maybe this has a tuning effect as well. Need it be proclaimed - yee insane old baldhead downstairs has been acting up in the last 4-5 days, and this ALWAYS predicts bad weather - better even than fucking ants. I need to report this guy again, soon enough...

When I took my dog outside at around 6:pm, the nice dog across the street was barking repeatedly. I could NOT figure out why. There were NO bad vibes from over here which he might be picking up on. I knew of no recent craziness in the area. I asked my dog to bark, but he virtually never barks outside, god love him. However, I later found out that the barking of the dog across the street was in fact psychic, as it was a premonition...

7:pm - Wanting to keep my undeserved buzz going, I left my dog, with whom I am in-with really good-like at the moment, and started out to the grocery store to buy a little bottle of wine. Guess what. Outside, there was a car sitting right up on the raised lawn, next to the dog's place across the street! How about that! You know how animals can flee before tsunami's - well, it isn't all just geo-feeling - it is psychic as well, yals.

The car had a door taken out from hitting a telephone pole. Someone was in it. A police man was also there, checking it out, and seemed to take an interest in me as I passed by, gawking in my cultured way. When I returned from the store, the police car was gone, but the car was still up there. Meanwhile, the heavy rain drops were falling. I looked up and yes, the sky was amiss.

So, I invited my dog outside to sit on the steps and ponder god's wrath. Everything was dark. Right on my street - was a new cop car, interviewing a throng of derelicts. So, this was a cool time for my dog to be out looking around. I do what I can for him. The sky became very menacing. Silly to see silly humans pocketed away and yet still vulnerable, arguing about some little car thing. Big whoop around here.

One reason I moved here was because I had the superstition that, one day, a tornado would hit where I used-to live, in Yee Olde City. It's been 5 years and IDK by now - but I do know that this present city of stupidness does not encounter as much severe weather as the nearby areas, for some statistical reason. Tonight, I found out that a possible tornado was heading towards Yee Olde Town, but I could not find my relatives phone number soon enough to warn them. Probably, nothing serious happened.

However, a tornado did rip through north of Monroe, Wisconsin, which is not to far from here. Also some serious weather in and near this town. Right along the Wisconsin-Illinois border. You will hear it on the news. More to come - until 10:pm. The local FM network is operating on generator power. And the NPR station from out of Dekalb, IL, is completely out of service.

Just sayin' - this is what the end of the world looks like. BTW - I tried to watch a movie, "2012: Ice Age," which was an absolutely crappy movie.

So - latest theory: The ants swarm in anticipation of thunderstorms - ? Or maybe it is just the overall rising heat? Stay tuned. We've got some flash floods going on...
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