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So, I am preparing to post about, "Little Women," "The Women's Problem," etc., and now I have a few links related to women's issues. Just so you know, I am a Feminist, who once worked for a feminist publication, plus I have a penis, yay! (lol). But, now I am tired of all the fracturing and identity politics and groupism and meism and complaining. So, I guess you could just call me an equalist. For example, I think men should be equal to donkeys.

That being said, I still have future posts coming up on the perceived depravity of Hillary Clinton,who was backed by so many feminists - so be prepared. Clinton did a lot in her life, but much of it was due to being married to Bill, and also playing the female victim in her her campaigns. In fact, she never left the Goldwater persuasion, and is a status-quo conservative at heart. Many people who know her do not like her. And she is involved with nefarious enterprises which we will discust later. But, ya know, those boomer gals gotta do what they gotta do.

Anyway, after writing that post on Bathsheba Everdene, and Funny People, wherein women were independent yet NOT REALLY, I thought it would be good to do a pro-feminist post, of sorts. Considering that I am a female at heart, I feel obligated.

And, yesterday, as I was doing my laundry at the mat, I saw this female who started some wheels going in my head regarding women. I can't remember them yet, but maybe, if I keep writing, I will...

To begin with, she was first talking with a largish man who worked in a tattoo parlour. She was drawn to him, but it turned out that he was moving away from her. Her voice was very, very indie-film-hip. I found that attractive, despite her catchy vulgarisms. At some point, she mentioned that she now gets ill, sometimes for as long as 6 months. "Sucks to get older." This made me sympathize. It would be OK to at least know her, but, whatever.  Come see, come saw.

As I was waiting outside the mat, with all my bags packed, she went pulled out a lot of laundry and then sat in her RUNNING car, talking on the phone. I had to shift away from the car fumes. Later, I noticed that she was trying to catch my attention, looking and smiling at me, while yammering on the phone, from the safety of being inside her car - which is something that I really can't respect. It's like people trying to prove how important they are by flipping out their cell phone as soon as you look at them. It is a social disease called cowardice, an opposite of independence.

Now I remember - my thoughts were like this: First of all, this girl reminded me of an LJ friend who apparently died of lupus. So, I know she is going through a lot of struggle - just like current LJ friend, glitterophelia, who was also an awesome indie kinda monster. That means that I cannot judge that THIS girl is what I ended up theorising about. On the other hand...

I imagined some kind of female who was forever desperately needy of society and social happenings. Way too affected by social judgments, gossip, fads. Locus of control: external. Depressed unless in someone's limelight. NOT independent, but putting on all the indie airs. That kind of female is never happy, and looks outside of herself to others, usually her male mate, to make her happy - temporarily. Thus she is the stereotypical money pit, requiring her man to work like Sysyphus until he dies early.

Much as I myself would like to have an apparently indie woman, I cannot be around this anymore. It would be a chaining to status quo society. Whatever independent thought I can muster in my illness would be drawn away. It would start out as another narcissistic whirl of how fun and wonderful art and movies and music and frollicking can be, and end up in spite and nonsense and bills and pain and so on. For all the loneliness I endure, and all the lack of darned socks, I know I am forced to be alone rather than marry into this. I am more than a tattoo. Tattoos arose as markings of slavery to The Man. These lightning bugs draw you into a charade, only to chain you to the death cult of modern society. They are false - anti - feminists.

I do not work for any church, corporation, president, party, economy, group or woman. I work for the truth in me. And then I die. That's fine. I am awesome like a bitcoin - and know my limits.

I once met this apparently strong woman, and had sex on her waterbed. I was later told by gossip that I had, "seduced," her. Because that was their OUT. I thought I cared about her. I tried. But so many bad things happened, it destroyed my inner child, lol. This girl who was forever saying that she wanted to have nothing more to do with her family, suddenly turned around and put ALL of her attention into making a special dress for some wedding in her family. So - this is what I'm talking about. Dysfunction. Don't marry into it. Words should mean something.

On the other hand, this faux indie female had something else going on in her life: a lot of pain. She had a chronic illness since childhood, when it was triggered by family stress. Her pain can be compared to the girl mentioned above, etc. Maybe the useful female need for social connectivity goes desperately military when the female becomes very much in pain or need. It's a sad thing. Because almost everything in me tells me to avoid desperate females. And, now that I am basically desperate, well, pffft...

Well, I watched this movie called, "Your Sister's Sister- 2011," l'autre noire. One star was Emily Blunt, (great in, "Sunshine Cleaning" - 2008), who seems to be trying to be the new Parker Posey of indie films. But she ruined a lot of the movie with her crappy English accent. This was kinda another SEATTLE film, meowmensteen - yay! It kinda showed how all them Northwesterners are right on the cusp of inbreeding in an incestuous way, lol. (Why am I reminded of the, "Fresh Air," interview re: The Donner Party?) But, really, you should watch this movie for a light consideration of women's issues and psychology. It's worth watching. (There are a lot-worse movies out there).

OK - now for the women's issues links...

Ani DiFranco On World Cafe

Women in horror: Victims no more

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Taming Female Sexuality: Myth, Libido and the Pharmacological Suppression of Women

The Number One Killer of Women is in Part a Form of Spirit Sickness

Leading Addiction Expert Talks about the Roots of Alcoholism, Our Favorite Spiritual Disease

Is Nancy Pelosi worth the trouble? - I am including this article even though I am very much pro TIM Ryan, of Ohio, who is a progressive. The fact that Pelosi is great at raising funds means she is keyed into lobbyists who support the status quo - same as it ever was.

Former Clinton Foundation Donors Flocking to the McCain Institute - Just a little reminder that left-vs-right is not the game, duh.  The true contest is between the many versus the rich.  Clinton's, Bush's and McCain's are in conspiracy in opposing Trump. "Oh, so if they oppose Trump, they must be GOOD!" - NOT!  Politics is more complicated than is presented superficially.   Anything that McCain says is pro-corporatist-military state.   The Clinton's and Bush's feed into this.  Let's just take Trump on his own merits or lack thereof, please.

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