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* - galaxy

'Multi-dimensional universe' in brain networks

Posted on 2017.06.25 at 19:42
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This is an article to which I will be referring many times in the future, in important theme posts. So, you might as well check it out and start your mulling now, before the rush. Wonder. Wonder is also a word to keep in mind. (Mind you, what I am referring to below is only one aspect - or dimension - of what this topic will lead to in my posts. Other things to note are the dimensionality, and shape).

'Multi-dimensional universe' in brain networks

Picture below: Note how the lightning arcs - like a chaotically branching, manifold tree - and yet collapsing into polarity when it finds some linear route - some polarity. (This is something I've written about before in some meaningful post which I cannot remember at the moment - [*source?]). (PS - You might also remember this naturally paradoxical, "tree," when I get into discussing circular versus hierarchical economies).

[See source below].

Now, does that not look like a neuron?! People wonder how the fetus constructs itself so perfectly during growth - but neurons grow just like lightning, by the same certain yet chaotic compulsion, albeit guided by ancient habits inherent in the spatial structure of DNA. Determination? Free Will? It is all the same, yet either, yet neither. Recall this post: UNIVERSE - IN - MIND. See again how the newly mapped structure of the universe so closely resembles collections of neurons. Kind of 2001 freaky, yes?

*Source for lightning picture: Scientists at Stanford Are Turning Tesla’s Global Wireless Power Grid Into Reality. Note: This scientific development is great, but it does not really reveal Tesla's concept of acquiring energy freely from the mere environment, or, "ether." (Tesla seriously disagreed w/ Einstein, who rejected the idea of an, "ether." I have come to the conclusion that a kind of virtual-particle, virtual-energy, "ether," does exist, but is incompatible w/ current theory, and so it doesn't exist, lol... Ether-or, I guess..).

An important thing to note about this development is that proper mathematical, "placement," in space, (ergo time), is necessary to the harmonising, which allows the energy-transfer. Once again, SHAPE, as in the proper placement of radio antennae, which I have written on a number of times, is absolutely necessary for the transfer of energy - or information - or consciousness.

Similarly, superconductance occurs by the same dictates and harmonies of placement in space, (ergo time), and in the similar shapes, of the subatomic particles set in the ceramic. This is how, even, info-sharing via quantum entanglement can occur across billions of miles.

And this is how the Origami Universe does its magic, but in a 'mathematics' more complex than that which we experience in our mere 3rd or 4th dimensions. This is how we share our thoughts and feelings, our psychic senses, our consciousness - but in a vast microscopic biology of life and energy which our controlling foreheads could hardly fathom. And so, not in its theory, it does not exist, lol. Which is fine, also.

Much more on consciousness, later. But look at this untagged post, from the recent past, on, "Psychic Relativity." It ties into a later post, (see also), about the various interpretations of my dog's psychic/abilities. I have to try to tag much better. (I am tagging THIS post later, lol. - I have been having some kind of headache).

Finally, I came upon an odd interview of Tesla, but found no place to squeeze it in, and it was too odd to post on its own. Tesla was a genius because he danced the fuzzy line between science, and paranormal, "conspiracy theory." Plus, the interview seems like it went through two or three lame translations. But, he really did come up with things we are still discovering now. (He was censored by USA gov't 'intelligence'). So, here is that interview.

And here is my tag for Tesla! - (Believe me, I have something good coming up, related to Tesla, if I can ever get around to it).

The take-away: When it comes down to the nitty-gritty, "time," IS SPACE. -  SHAPE is where it's at!  -  How things are physically constructed, at the tiniest of scales, are what convey the greatest dynamics of the universe, within you and without you.

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