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Posted on 2017.06.22 at 13:26
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"The Better Care Reconciliation Act." LMFAO. This isn't going to fly. Too many Trump supporters are on medicaid.

Readership: I don't understand how I don't really post anything of worth for like a week, and yet my LJ User ratings says my journal is more popular than ever. Just imagine what it would be if I could post as much and as intelligently as I would like to. I would blow you rookies out of the water, bwa ha. Do you know what I think it is? I think that so many people have fled LJ that there are like 5 people left. Woohoo.

But, yes, this course is what I wanted - to gradually build my readership. Not necessarilly comments. Because I have something to say, and am fun to boot. My RSS readership is up to about 65 per day. And I keep getting these large bursts of non-LJ members, which I totally cannot explain. Although, I think a lot of this stuff is coming from overseas, because of the times of the day they increase. Too bad I don't add Russians or other aliens, and don't allow comments from strangers, because it would be nice to know how I am doing over there. - Oh, and, bizarrely, one of my recent posts made the LJ Top 15, for some reason. I have enough trouble trying to figure life out - then I also have to figure out LJ...

My winegrain tottered back and forth this morning so I bought more wine to drown it and now it is only worse. I knew that would happen. Did you know that Ashton Kutcher is now married to Mila Kunis?!?! She was 14 years and he was 19 when they kissed on the show. What with the whole Demi thing, there is something weird going on with that guy, age-wise. Or maybe Mila just always remembered that first kiss and never stopped having the hots for him. She's great, btw. I wish I had kissed her first. But I am not a freaking pedophile like the liberally beloved Ashton. He's great, btw. I wish I had his readership.

PS - I agree. Get rid of status quo Nancy Pelosi, who is as slimy as the worst of the others, sorry to say, cuz she totally doesn't look that way. Fuck you, San Fransisco. How about some Millenials - of ALL genders!

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