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With days like these, who needs nightmares?

This is day 6, 7 or 8 of serious brain probs, pain, CFS, etc,. But, once again, I consider it day 1 of the rest - or unrest - of my life. Gonna pick myself up off the ground. Was too besieged to even be able to order AC online, even though the funds were there. Fortnately, nice weather today. Dog was happy merely because he flushed two sparrows out of a bush. That makes me feel so sorry that he doesn't have a much greater life. Anyway, posting blitz is being delayed by another day. I have been baking Brussels sprouts, asparagus and mushrooms. And now I am just going to watch Amadeus. I feel that, by tomorrow, my brain will be up to the challenge of being me, again. Although, my computer is starting to freeze up which is does about every four days. But married people have it worse, so.


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