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night of the eternal fartknockers

I think it is fair game to post a right-wing assessment of what is going on, Trumpgate-wise. Because, according to me, and my followings, there has never been any proof of any kind about the Russian hackings. AND NOW ALL NETWORKS ARE TALKING LIKE IT IS A GIVEN FACT. No wonder everyone else thinks this country has gone nuts. Sorry. This whole subject has an infinity of angles and agents and links. So. Do you think I can serve you now, after I have not been able to keep up with it by posting, because of my illness, all this time? Just believe me, if you will - all of this is crap. If my illness allows it, I will elucidate why.

But WHY?

WTF cannot YOU do this? Seriously.

What? Anonymous sources again?!

CIA backed Washington Post cites “anonymous sources” saying Trump is under investigation for obstructing justice

(Boy, do I have more to say about this!)
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