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World Gone WILD - Part One

You should have seen, "March of the Penguins," by now, uh. In this docu-movie, we encounter what appears to be the most vile mammal on Earth, the Leopard Seal, who makes a career of viciously swallowing innocent penguins. (Also featured in related documentaries). When I saw the horrid exploits of this seal, I could not help but feel anger towards it. But, in the following interview, you will see that this species of marine mammal is not so different from the beloved Killer Whales, who have a demented proclivity to toy violently with their future food. All species are worth preserving, even mosquitoes and moths. All species are in danger, especially now, (while this is as it has always been).

Fresh Air: Humble Underwater Photographer Shares His Amazing Experiences - Leopard Seals, Penguins, Polar Bears...

(Is this the same thing? - sorry!)

(Notice how this girl seal is at her wits end. If the strange humanoid is not here to mate, or to attack, then what is he up to?! Therefore, she gets all OCD. Almost freakish, in the Aztec sense. Note how she has permitted herself to be, "courted," into higher wonderings. Notice how she didn't fucking kill the guy. This is a great interview. Terry Gross is the best that NPR has to offer).
Tags: animals - altruism, animals - birds - penguins, animals - helping behaviour, animals - leopard seals, animals - marine mammals, regions / continents - arctic/ antarctic, s- world gone wild (series)

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