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crazy /eek - screaming ashtray

Dog day after wine.

Posted on 2017.06.04 at 20:16
Current Location: in the oven
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Musique actuelle: Blondy / One Night in Bangkok
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I've added a nice black keyboard to my computer - because the feel of the keys is perfect. I've also added a laser mouse w/ scroll function to replace my dead mouse. Both additions work well, and will be saving me space on the ledge of my table which overlooks my bed.

The guy downstairs has been acting up again, in recent days. And, because he assumed I was retaliating last night by cooking, he stomped around this morning, went away, and came back around 2:30 pm, slamming the front door so loud it shook the house.* I don't understand this, since I walk really quietly, etc., and my cooking was done by 9:pm last night. So, now I will reveal that my cooking last night had nothing to do with him...

I had bought some Brussels's sprouts over a week ago - when their stems were already brownish. So, I have been wanting to roast them ASAP, but needed to wait cuz I needed to buy mushrooms, broccoli, artichoke hearts, bell pepper, and onion to add. Not only that, I like to use my oven to cook two or three things at the same time. So, I was planning to include pizza, which also involves cooking up the sauce, pre-cooking the toppings, and defrosting the cheese.

Two GF pizza pie crusts were patiently waiting in a box in my fridge. Let me tell you: The brand is something like, "Shlar." There are two pizza crusts to a box. The edges are thick and bread-like. So, you can fill it up pretty good and not spill over the edges. They can almost turn out like stuffed or deep-dish. Pretty good - as I expected they would be, because they were made in Italy!

On Friday, I shopped, laundered, etc. Bought the extra ingredients for the roasted sprouts and the two pizzas. (I could afford to do this now that I had this month's SNAP benefits). I came home and began watching, "The Day After Tomorrow," which I may post about later. The bottle of wine made me sleepy, so I watched the second half the next day. I was then compelled to watch the first half again - and it was amazing how different it seemed than the night before. I think being post-drunk makes your mind more open or something.

Saturday was extremely warm and humid, and so there was no way I was going to cook in the daytime. And cooking at night is what I prefer, cuz I have energy then, and because I can let things sit and cool down overnight. THAT is how I ended up cooking on Saturday eve., having nothing to do with the crazy guy downstairs. But he is forever fixating on me and thinking we at war, he just reacts more and more to anything I do, until it becomes time for me to put my foot down, one way or another. I have never known such a mentally ill person, apparently flying under the radar his entire life.

Well, all three dishes turned out fabulous. The only way I could store the pizzas in my fridge was to have one in the original box and the other on top of it. That was a terrible idea. This morning, I had to perform precision surgery, just getting them both unstuck from the box, but no worries. Then, I found a wonderful China plate I had forgotten in a closet. It's edges were thickened up, just like the pizzas. But one pizza fits right into the depression, so the presentation looks totally gourmet.

It was even warmer today, but not as-bad humidity. I'm dealing with adjusting things for the summer here. Also looking at ACs again. Dog gets a fan, ice-cold water, and the chance to go downstairs if he wants to. I also cut back on his food a little. I've been increasing his assorted added veggies, which is important to do, if one wants their pet to live longer. That included always adding a little bit of my fermented tomato-veggie juice, which is standard in any madman fridge.

* - Note: I have figured out that when the crazy old bald guy goes away like this, he sleeps somewhere else, so he can come back and make loud BANGS here at 1-3 o:clock in the morning. Crazy guy is crazy.

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