I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Why I hate adults.

I went to Goodwill yesterday, for three main reasons: to get: a little paintbrush to use to bleach my teeth so they catch up to my bright and shiny cap; a laser mouse with scroll function, and DVD's. It was an apparent success. I found one of my recommended movies, "The Day After Tomorrow." I also amazingly found a CD soundtrack of, "Slumdog Millionaire," which really rocks. (Before this, I got some DVDs at la library). However, at Goodwill, there was this large older white male who could not talk unless it was really loudly. It was so annoying. And he had the female workmate just playing into it, talking loudly and aggressively, and running around like a rabid bat. It reminded me of the j**kass at the main food pantry, who wanted to take control of everything, and clearly pushed Bee-girl into a slump. Bee-girl runs the pantry, btw.

I don't know, maybe such white males in boondock towns like these simply never learnt how to shut the hell up and make way for the concerns of women, minorities, the disabled, animals, etc. And this reminds me of the two ammo guys talking and looking at hunting supplies in F&F, where one of the guys completely glared at me for no reason at all. I swear to god. Not to mention the black assh**e guys here. And, it wouldn't be a problem if the stupid women didn't back them up. The men are like, "I can't be wrong cuz I have women supporting me!" Therefore, why not release all your inner sadisms and go to war, right? Why not kill every damn thing? Cuz women support you?!

"This is how our country WORKS, hippie!"

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that PC busybody do-gooders are not also a plague from hell.

Yesterday, I also shopped at la supermarket, where this tall but fairly cute girl checked-me-out. She was too young to check out my wine. (Illinois is really stupid. And it puffs out its chest like it is god's gift to humanity, when it hasn't even had a budget for two fuck*ng years). It was nice that she thought I was sexy. (Cuz I'm the neo-hippy anti-establishment sexpot with hair that women fantasize about and always end up getting souls like me in nothing but trouble).

I also did my laundry. At one point, I wanted to see how much money was left on my laundry card, so I put it in a washer - but it just took $2.45 off the card. I explained to the older white male attendant that this was a mistake, an that I thought I had to push buttons before this might happen - but he refused to care. This is not how our country WORKS.

Later, I was outside with all my laundry and groceries, etc., waiting for my bus. This car drives up and this little woman gets out with a comforter and goes into the laundry. After that, a little half-black girl with great hair starts carrying laundry into the building. She was maybe seven years old. She makes about four trips, while the woman is inside, not helping her at all. She dropped one load and things fell all over the place, so I helped her. After that, she was acting cute. She kept spraying something into her mouth. I don't know if this was some kind of girlish flirty ritual she was doing, or if the poor child had asthma.

My bus arrived and I started loading my laundry, etc. The little girl comes out of the SUV with a large basket of laundry, topped by a smaller kiddie basket of laundry. I asked her if she needed help. You know, it is really refreshing to ask someone if they need help, and they don't act like a mound of plaster, but instead actually say, "Yes." So, I took the smaller basket and carried it inside for her. She said thanks and so, of course, did the woman, (who was white). So, of course, what did the white male attendant have to do? He had to exclaim loudly, "Thank you sir!" Why? It had nothing to do with him. He had not cared about me, but now he was sure to step in and steal the credit for my natural act of kindness. This is why I hate adults.

One reason why kids refuse help, etc., from adults, is because adults are generally a-holes. Other lurid adults are always sitting around waiting to blame or grab credit, for whatever happens. So many times in my life, if I even smile at a child, I get Puritanically evil looks from adults, already accusing me of being a pedophile. These are the very Christians who delight in the fable of Jesus, urging, "Suffer the children to come unto me." But, the whole damn reason Jesus got crucified was because so many suspicious adults concluded he was, among other things, a pedophile. You're not going to hear THAT in Sunday school, mind you.

And, of course, all gay males are pedophiles.

Society so desperately needs examples from kind males, to counter these loud-mouthed bastards who are WORKing our system. Instead, the women and dorks who support them are deluded into assuming that all kind males are subversives and pedophiles. Maybe I am a subversive, just by chance. But the last time I remember ever being a pedophile was like when I was six years old.
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