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HOUSE - spare me

Poli-Sci in a Heart-Beat

Posted on 2017.06.02 at 21:47
Current Location: dangerous wood smoke means contented grill fires
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bureaucracy = rule by bureaus

cadenzocracy = rule by cadenzas

dresserocracy = rule by Fran Dresser

carbondiocracy = global warming

garbagedumpocracy = rule by white trash

trumpocracy = rule by ouija board

rappocracy = rule by crooked trigger fingers

rapocracy = what we have now

plutocracy = rule by the planet pluto

zacefronocracy = rule by the planet zac efron

democracy = rule by old demo tapes

clintocracy = bodies everywhere

bushocracy = see above

obomocracy = rule by drones and spies

idiocracy = rule by outdated yet popular ideas

misanthrocracy = on a morning when you are missing your throc

downthetoiletocracy = see also democracy

anarchy = not the chism you were expecting

stanandolligarchy = rule by Laurel and Hardy

monarchy = rule by moans, grunts, and painful joints

malarchy = godforsaken rule by Irish drunkards who think they're Jewish

socialism = the alternative to Catholic grade school

Catholicism = it is everywhere and watching you

religion = are you serious?!

communism = rule by people being welcomed into your flat

Marxism = rule by the Rockerfellers

Chaplinism = rule by people who look like Hitler

Zionism = rule by an urge to go home violently

racism = rule by an urge to leave home violently


...finds the root insanity of the matter

globalism = imagine a big fat globular man

modernism = ironically, this is the way it used to be

post-modernism = the movement to post signs that this is the way it used to be

deconstructionism = see also 9/11

imperialism = the 'statitude' & system which imperils the lives of everyone else on the planet

colonialism = because people are ants

... can you think of any others?! - lol


where hypotheses come to die
madman101 at 2017-06-03 03:04 (UTC) (Lien)
I had a whole shitload of "isms", including, Anabaptism, and others. I get so fucking pissed that LJ continues to do this. I don't have time for it now, but if I remember some more of these, I'll add them to the list so I guess that means check back if you care to. Stupid fucking shit/.
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