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Here is a post that got lost - (it was innitiated a week ago) - and so now I'm just repeating it in minimalistic form. I think Trump will go ahead w/ the climate summit. The main reason for this is that Trump has become a tool of the globalist status quo deep state corporatist cabal, do I make myself clear? This network wants global warming, partly because they've got the science right, but partly because they want to make more money - from the carbon tax system, and from controlling and regulating. Plus, there are some techies and reformed oilmen in this group who want to push back the oil industry for their own gains.

So, the irony is that progressive people will probably be gratified by Trump and his surprising "pivot" to the climate change summit, despite the fact that he has dissed global warming and so garnered a lot of support from ignoramiuses, even though Trump will be doing so for completely nefarious reasons.

However, I might be wrong on this - by underestimationg Trump's stupidity, or anti-science stubbornness. Even if so, I think there is a very strong chance that, if he does not come around now, he will come around some time later in his term, brief as it may be. Another reason why he might OK the summit is because he was impressed by Pope Frances, who gave him a copy of his Encyclical on climate change. Trump is, underneath the so-called business pragmatism, a sentimentalist, and is swayed by mushy feelings. Certainly more-so than by science - although, I am sure there is a lot of pressure on him by scientists as well.

I say these things despite suggestions that Trump is moving to scuttle involvement in the summit. Trump's anti-climate-change stance is completely political, taken from the Jones/Banon crowd. It is not necessarilly what he actually believes, or once believed. Remember that he once conferred with Al Gore of all people. At that time, I said that this could forsage an eventual, covert changing of Trump's position. Ultimately, the importance of addressing global warming, and associated effects, is paramount - and SHALL have its way, no matter what. If Trump doesn't lead then he must get out of the way, cuz the times, they are a-changin'.

If you want to read about Trump's first 100 days, and more, go check out potus_geeks. You might find more about the venerable Encyclical via the tag above.

Australia will still support Paris climate deal if Trump pulls out, Frydenberg says | The Guardian

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