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The legend of Ciudad Blanca.

Wikipedia: The legend of Ciudad Blanca.


Book: The Lost City of the Monkey God: A True Story

Watch: National Geographic Explorer Legend of the Monkey God - on YouTube

Book: Jungleland - by Christopher S. Stewart

- Reviewed in salon.com!

Although its premise resembles that of David Grann’s bestselling “The Lost City of Z” (about attempts to substantiate similar rumors of a lost city in Brazil), “Jungleland” is less about archaeology or history than it is about the exploring urge itself: both the hope that the world still contains remote and fabulous mysteries and the paradoxical desire to unearth them under challenging conditions. Stewart recalls daydreaming of Mosquitia in the Brooklyn Ikea while his wife and 3-year-old daughter shopped for a sofa, imagining himself “living off the forest, eating what I caught, drinking river water,” in a quest for the White City — a quest that he also envisioned as an effort to better know himself.

A Few other Mythical lost cities and towns.
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