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Sometimes, crop circles can be predictive of something in their approximate geographical area.  However, I could find no connection with this latest one, from near Ansty, Wiltshire, England, and, e.g., the Manchester bombing. This crop circle was in an area where crop circles generally flourish, which is the SW quadrant of England+Wales. Therein is a wealth of pre/history, including Glastonbury, Stonehenge, Arthurian Legends, the Druids, and dolmens and sites going back thousands of years. Some have said that this area might have been related to Atlantis. 'Cardiff' and 'Lands End' were involved in the wine trade of Ancient Greece. It is as if some entity/s is trying to renew contact with some spiritual people's there from long ago. In the crop circle below, some inscriptions somewhat resemble Greek letters.

Studying this crop circle, I come up with a number of hypotheses. As was suggested in another crop circle, the intelligence behind these things appears to have a deep knowledge of multi-encoded language or meaning, which tells me that more than one hypothesis may be true for this or other crop circles. (Of course, many, if not all, may be false).

A first look upon this bloomin' spectacle is the resplendent plushness of what appears to be plant-life. I have often pondered if crop circles, and other highly strange phenomena, could be messages pertaining to humanity's abuse and destruction of plants, food, wildlife, cattle, pets, and life in general. This one looks especially concordant to such a message.

A deeper look shows that this is not a mere pretty picture of a three-petaled plant amidst some verdant foliage. And it is not simply referring to the number 3, or a trinity. Actually, it looks like, for one thing, a reference to natural patterns in life and nature, (on which I have yet to post - some day). And, from the THREE emerge another three smaller petals, exactly opposite to the larger three, totalling nine. Then, there are three exogenous petals as well, bringing the total to nine. Yes, three has long been considered a, "sacred number," but so has nine, sometimes more-so, because it is 3 x 3.

If you look into the background, "foliage," you will see a wall of Penrose Tiles, all based on a kind of flower or star bearing six petals or rays, six being the medium between 3 and 9.

On the other hand, there are 20 'letters' arranged outside and around the main configuration. This completely fails to comport with the 3-6-9 theme, (deliberately, of course). You will notice that, (like the petals), opposite to each letter across the dial is the very same letter. That means there are really only 10 letters.

I am wondering if the intelligence is trying to compare our 10-base mathematics, which results in an infinite polarity between positive and negative numbers, and which reinforces our very naive concept of time being linear and fatal, and uniformly so, with a very different base for mathematics, 3-6-9, which is plush and dimensional, and more in accord to natural patterns.

What is it that is said in the letters? How is it that this intelligence or society can send these messages, and yet say nothing in any remembered Earthly language? I mean, on the hypothesis that these are not in fact all hoaxes from Yale and Oxford and IBM, it would make no sense to do this, unless the intelligence could only send, and hardly receive, right? Otherwise, they would know English. But it looks like they once learnt some ancient Earthly language - and I have said that I do believe ancient civilisations did exist on Earth long before the Levant came along.


I have discussed, in the past, that the sending of crop circle messages involves quantum and electromagnetic entanglement, sent from some distant place in the universe, or in time, or bleeding through from some other dimension/universe. We are not sending back any similar signals written in, or teaching, English. There must have been a way that the intelligence or society once managed to visit this planet, at least virtually, beyond what it does today. I really do not think that it would only be cajolling us into interpreting meaning from deliberate obscurity. The details of some of these circles indicates that it is of high importance that the messages get through to us - no dancing around it. And, certainly, there is a great obstacle, as well, as it must forever grapple with our own intellectual inferiority.

If there is life in the universe, and beyond, as we know there surely must be, then there are going to be societies and intelligences out there of extremely high intellectual capacity, who are capable of pulling off mere tricks of quantum entanglement. The hypotheses I am discussing are not only possible, but probable. As to whether Earth is an object of such an intelligence - this is not as 'certain', (hypothetically).

What is written in the letters - and in messages of some other past crop circles? I think this one, at least, may be discussing the actual quantum mechanical processes they use to manipulate the corn stalks. This is just a wild educated guess. To read more about cropcircles101, here are some far-out tags:

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