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I am the person who will destroy China.

Guardians of our Future.

You might never guess that some of our future lies in the hands of a coalition of Cowboys and Indians.  But, ironically, that is where it stands; Cowboys and Indians defending against the imperatives of dying, globalist corporations.  They fight locally, but what happens there happens here, because the air is everywhere, water is everywhere, our health is everywhere, our humanity is everywhere, and the future is always built by every location in interaction.  What future would we have now if some ancient local people had not discovered the survival benefits of wolves and their doggies?  Cooperation!  Even while giant countries clash and scream about missiles and bombs, they go on trading vast amounts of goods overseas, or sending people to work in space, together.

We going on 8 billion strong because of our astonishing abilities to communicate, sympathise and cooperate.  Even with animals, (now that the megafauna have been somehow exterminated).  But the entropies of extinctions, rising human populations, pollution, famine, global warming, drought and squalour, reveal to us that it is not enough to have single-minded monolithic corporations do the moneyed, "cooperating".

It is not enough to have agendae set by fundamentalist mega-entities who focus on select jobs which turn a profit and leave destruction, when they miss a near infinity of possible products and choices and ways and means - vast and discrete associations which would benefit us all, and the planet, if only they were not thrown out by greed for the artificially supreme dollar.

It is not enough to surrender all choices to those who use the dollar in any way they can - to the elites who have all the capital, which they bend to purposes which are not merely beyond the benefit of plants and animals, or of microbes and molecules, or of the air we breath and the water we drink, but of the health and welfare of the greater mass of humanity, sinking further into poverty, and scrounging and scraping at nature just to survive.  Therefore, where one tribe stands, a stand is made for all.

Everywhere we each take stand, it redounds to everyone.  Dollars are CHOICE, and how we use each one is one vote for or against our common future.  This is how the organic food industry has been growing.  This is how cruelty towards elephants and dolphins, etc., has been reduced.  This is how hackers have enlightened the world to global political corruption.  Hackers in white cowboy hats.

Trump is a business-like dope in missing the importance of such issues as the Stand against the Dakota Access, Keystone XL, and other pipelines and fracking operations. He is a dope for not recognising that the coalitions of Cowboys, Indians, landowners, environmentalists, mothers, Christians, trailer-park poor and VETERANS, are precisely the BODY of the populist movement that brought him and Sanders to prominence, but which can NOT be SPLIT between the two of them. Trump can claim that pipeline jobs trump sovereign Native American and landowners rights, but they in fact displace more jobs, in the long run, than they create, (as is usually the case with selective, reductionist development).

So what if he insists that these jobs only go to Americans? Even if this can be imposed upon a, "free market," pipeline jobs are mainly temporary jobs, and all the oil will be spilling onto the world market, to go to China and it's development, at dirt-cheap prices. And what happened to the demand that the pipelines be made from American Steel? I don't think this is legally possible, but even if it were, so what? (American steel is not revved up for many giant projects. And THOSE jobs ain't commin' back).

Again, the oil goes to China, and we get the pollution rom China, the pipeline leaks, and the taxes for the cleanups and relocations. Local is EVERYWHERE.

This is about our country trying to come together, there, and there, and over there... And over here. This isn't about Cowboys versus Indians. Trump doesn't own the Cowboy camp, and Bernie isn't in charge of the Indians. This is about middle and lower class Americans coming together for themselves and our planet, versus the manic Dominion of inhuman, globalised, money-making juggernauts, reinforcing a failing system.

As you know, Trump has given the go-aheads for these pipelines.

- Art and Helen Tanderup stand by a large Cowboys and Indians alliance sign on their corn farm outside of Neligh, Nebraska. Photograph: Laurence Mathieu-Leger for the Guardian

The Dakota pipeline is already leaking. Why wait for a big spill to act?


Its potential pathway crosses 56 rivers and streams, dozens of farms and ranches, and one of the world’s largest groundwater sources, and comes close to a handful of Native American reserves, exposing the deep divisions and unlikely alliances within these rural communities after nearly a decade of struggle – positions which were entrenched even further by a bitterly divisive presidential election.

The pipeline has been framed as a victory over government regulation and a win for job creation by the Trump administration and those who support the project, but critics characterize the reversal as a success for a foreign business over environmentalism and private land rights.

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