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Across the Universe

God forgive me, I watched another hippie movie. I finally got to watch, "Across the Universe." I was mildly surprised. Every song in this quasi-musical is a Beatles song - at least two from George Harrison. Nevertheless, it just about stands on its own merits. This is a nice encapsulation of the times, about 1968 or so. It is respectful of the Beatles. The people who made it knew all about the Beatles. It is a good movie for people from that era to go and get nostalgic, but they also made it for younger people, and it brings a feeling of newness to the Beatles, and that time, maybe similar to what it felt like to live back in those times.

Surprise appearances by Bono, Joe Cocker and, apparently, Eddie Izzard. This movie was nice, fun and groovy. It is much better than another time piece, "Love and Glory," and almost as good as, "Taking Woodstock." As a piece of art, it kicks ass. As a movie, it is a good companion piece to, "Taking Woodstock." Now, I have to find a third Hippie movie to recommend.

There were several instances of the movie looking deeper into Beatles music, at the epoch. So, "Strawberry Fields," became a very poignant montage of the Vietnam war.

Not the best movie ever. It started off on the wrong foot. It looked like a movie for girls only. And the lip-sync was bad in many places. But I think this is a movie to be seen!

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