I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Stumped on the anti-Trump thump.

I really wish that the DNC Dems could wake up and see that they have a real jewel in the White House. Yes, Trump originally wanted to revamp NAFTA and other good things which he is not being given credit for. But the main point is that Trump is a perennial fuck-up. Just leave him in office until the GOP majority is dismantled, and this country will be like back in the 1970's, when it was cool to hate Nixon. Just leave Trump alone, and things will be fine.

The main thing is that DNC Dems do not see that they are allied with a movement against Trump WHICH IS SPONSORED BY THE VERY SAME CORPORATIST, DEEP-DEEP STATE FORCES WHICH THEY SHOULD BE FIGHTING. If you want Trump evicted, please recognise that you are in bed with the bullshit POWERS THAT BE, who also include McCain, Graham, Clintons and Bushes.

Did Trump obstruct justice by asking Comey to stop his investigation? THIS IS ANOTHER PLANT, just like the plants from the Washington Post, which were proven false. This has been an ongoing attack, which is so lovable to comfy-up with if you are a Dem, but it is all because the BIG GUYS want global unfair trade, and so on. I have never-in-my-life seen such abuse of a president, asshole that he is.

OK, as a reminder. Presidents. They have the right to ask someone to leave the room if they want to discuss something privately with someone.

Once again - based on officially authorised gossip.

Presidents. They have the right to disclose anything that is classified - even if it is to Russia, who is not our fucking USSR enemy! Presidents. They have the right to fire anyone in the the executive administration, no-matter if J. Edgar Hoover built up the FBI like a mob to challenge any president. Presidents. They have wide authority over immigration.

Just think what a tool this president could be if we left him in office and just stopped following the IMPEACH meme that the elites have planted. He's a fuck-up. There's nothing he can do that the courts can't stop. And he's already been kissing up to the corporatist deep state. So, it's all just a vapid waste of time and money. This country is nuts.

None of this makes any sense unless someone is absolutely, politically anti-Trump and anti-president. It is completely offensive and political to anyone who supported Trump, only creating more political division, WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT THE ELITES WANT AND NEED TO SUPPORT THEIR WEALTH AND CONTROL, you fucking airheads. Stop being political babies! Many, many people who supported Trump were decent, wonderful people, wanting good things, and many of them wanted Sanders to be president@!

The globalist deep-state wants him OUT. That is why I want him IN! Yes, he has caved to these elements, to save his life, but he means to fight them. Obama wanted to fight them, too, but he was pathetic in attempting such. Listen. I don't want a corporate billionaire in office. What do you think I am? But Trump is anti deep-state at heart, and he is a fool. Sometimes I think, "What could be better! This is GREAT!"
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