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I am the person who will destroy China.

Freeze frame!

In high school times, I somehow got this idea into my head to travel around the country.  Somehow, this idea got some traction.  It started becoming a plan with people.  My best friend was in.  And we could use the car that his grandma gave him.  Our awesome friend, the class clown, was also in.  I wanted our funny stoner friend to come, but our friend who was annoying was trying to get in, instead. Fortunately, that guy's parents wouldn't let him go, lol.  We finally ended up with the most awesome, yet people friendly jock in the school.  Loved that guy.  And he gave us official coolness, at least additional coolness.

This was the greatest adventure of my life, in some anals.  We drove around the West for a month, all together in a little car, smelling all stinky great like teenage boys are wont to do.  We would stop at campgrounds - or wherever - to sleep.  Once, in California, we slept in some kind of schoolyard, out of the way of everything - we thought.  In the morning, we were awakened by bouncy little kids.  The school staff let us freshen up, using their tiny, low-lying sinks.  And we got pictures taken with them.  Gotta love California.

In Anaheim, at Disney, we walked around, singing, "We come from the midwest, because we're far, far away!  Far away!  Far away!..."  and some girls asked, are you, "Friends?"  (Meaning GAY, lol).  Yes!  We ARE!

In San Diego, we stayed with my friend's friends.  That night, I was in the  posh basement, playing the really cute girl's clarinet.  I was in love, for only a day.  Missed opportunities.

So, anyway, on to the theme of this post.  One of the things that we did, on this trip, was to go see a cave somewhere.  In the middle of nowhere.  As some kind of intriguing thing, they took us down into the cave and told us about how this is the darkest place in all the world!  So, they turn off the lights, to prove how DARK it is.  And wtf did I do, lol?!

I took a picture of everyone.  With a flash camera!  ha ha ha ha.  Everyone was fucking blinded by the flash.

My beloved friend, the class clown, laughed like hell after that.  I mean, seriously.  Who's gonna interrupt a tour all about dark dark dark and suddenly blind these sheep with a flash of divine light?  So fucking funny!

But, that trip did wear on me.  And, I am pretty sure that it had something to do with pre-CFS.  We never did get to see Seattle.  It made me edgy.  We were in a tent and the lights were out, but my best friend and the jock kept on talking.  So I ended up shouting at them.  And the class clown, god love him, burst out laughing.

When I got home, I slept for like 2 days.

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