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I am the person who will destroy China.

One step over the line.

I am posting this via DW, because my LJ is not working right. It is a good thing to have options.

I have been in bad shape the past few days - (and not really great before that). My strenuous exertions, like pulling weeds or walking, have built upon each other, and undone me. So, I had a super relapse the other day, which was to be expected.

But the relapse was also due to a general deflation of spirit, making me more vulnerable to CFS. Two bad things happened, but I can only remember one. Immediately after I posted about my dangerous idea for rich-text paper, (which any corporate/gov't spy would want to steal), my browser not only crashed - but ended forever. I thought I might have lost my infinite host of favs/ bookmarks, in addition to my many current tabs. It was a real disappointment, and my relapse soon became noticeable.

[But, it probably wasn't a spy. History: I had recently uploaded a Firefox update. Also, I had quick-shut down my computer, because this is the best way to cure my browser of its dinosauric slowness, yet save all tabs. (I had also saved all current tabs to a favs folder). But, when I started the computer back up, I was told a disc volume was inconsistent but could not be read. (I was advised to do RESTORE, but I am averse to do this, for a few reasons). So - something has been wrong with my computer - and I think my browser, even though not showing it, had been carrying the tonnes of old tab information, and so this is why it crashed crashed].

I adjusted my firewall, and was able to upload Firefox all anew. Fortunately, it maintained my previous settings, add-ons, and bookmarks. And - I had also saved most of my current tabs. So, everything turned out alright. Except, there still was a lot of current stuff I lost. That includes research on dog and wold evolution, and related migrations of human peoples. These things were what I was preparing to post to you. Now, I have to spend another evening researching (mostly the latter all over again). Let it be said that I have proof that people were in America by 30,000 BP, based on dog evidence. This area of study is so rich.

As a result of the FF download, etc., I am now being hit by a huge amount of ICMP and ICMPv6 traffic and various new IPs. and my browser is not catching all links. So, I will probably end up being offline for a few days while I address all this. The main thing is that it could have been worse, but I could have been better. Instead, I have had intense fatigue, brain-pain, and so on. Fighting to sleep as much as I can, yet never seem to catch up to health.

I was thinking about going to the supermarket on Tuesday or Wednesday, but realised I could skip it this week, and save money. The war movie I was planning on seeing, (The Promise), is no longer at the cinema. So, my plan was reduced to: Sleep AMAP beforehand; go to library and pantry on Tuesday; then go to the Bee-Girl pantry on Wednesday, which would also be my wine day. In preparation, I walked to the poor people's shop-and-drop today and bought some soft corn taco shells, (which are the only thing I really need), plus my wine for Wednesday. Instead, I am drinking it now. Why? Nerves. My illness makes me predisposed to amplifying stress, even when it is almost nothing. There are times that come up when it is a good idea to have a drink.

Backstory: Almost nobody in this neighbourhood cleans up after their dogs. (I realise the last sentence is poor English). Not only do I clean up after my dog, I pull weeds; I treat people nicely; I mind my own business; I pick up the endless flow of trash; I pull my dog away so people can walk past in ease, and I keep my dog from shitting on anyone else's property. People have walked by and commended me for cleaning up after my dog, "because nobody else does that around here!"

So, it becomes a little bit annoying when the lame characters around here are constantly trying to mess with me in stupid, incremental, cowardly ways, then running back to be in their groups or churches for support. When I first got here, people tried to test me by gathering on my path and shouting and laughing all night. Firecrackers. Guns in the night. One guy pulled up on a bike and tried to walk into my apartment, even while I was out with my dog! Two drunk men cam running by, one chasing another with a stick, and they also tried to run into my apartment! There are no boundaries here except for those to be violated. Nobody here knows what the hell they are doing, and so they compensate by messing with each other, behind backs.

One neighbour kept walking through our front yard, despite me being outside. When I yelled at him to stop, he told me to clean up the dog shit, which is what I was ACTUALLY DOING. Do shit he would never had walked by if he had stayed OFF THE PROPERTY. These people are stupid opportunist jerks with no lives, and mass borderline personality disorder. Buggers, is the term. They deliberately leave lunch trash on my front steps, like this morning! Right nest to the sign form the POLICE. Littering is apparently the main occupation here. Big and little gangs of people nonchalantly pass through blocks and backyards, partly because they CAN, partly to mark territory. This stupid town has a law against putting up fences in front yards - so anybody who can intimidate can act like they own the place. Now THAT'S progressive!

btw - I am writing to the new mayor...

So, yesterday. That was Sunday. Once again, whoever is mowing the lawn to the right, around the corner, is mowing into THIS property, but even more-so. They are 1-3 feet deeper than previous mowers, (who may also have been mowing into it as well). They are mowing on a Sunday, the day before this place's mowers show up to mow here. (For the latter reason, I clean up any dog dirt so they can mow on Monday afternoon). What is wrong with this? Carefree, irresponsible people would say, "I would think it would be a GOOD thing, if someone else did the mowing, or the snowing! That would only mean less work for me!" Which is bullshit, because it so overtly denies the fact that so many people are retards who play these dominance games until they are sitting in your kitchen and eating your wife. Because of such denial, men are forever called up to go to wars, which are no different from such petty incursiveness. Leave it to the men - and leave it to the Money.

God help you if you cannot compete. With a bunch of cockroaches.

Yesterday - Sunday - the mower mows right into THIS property, and right over the dog shit which was slated to be picked up around 11:am today. This person mowed right up to the end of our downspout. This is the second time I was aware of what was going on, but decided to let it pass. I could have gone out and started an issue, but I don't need it, and I need my health. Unfortunately, some people just keep pushing it. Another step over the line.

So. You could probably guess. I am out with my dog at 6:pm this evening, as usual. Some black guy is yelling at me from next door, safe with two other blacks sitting on the porch steps of that house. Since I have earplugs in, because of the guy downstairs, I cannot hear him. But I DO hear that he is angry about the dog shit, and that it is "unacceptable" to him. "I do not accept that!"

Do you know when you're being fucked with? I do. With that knowledge, I went ahead as civilly and as calmly as absurdity would recommend.

I tried to hitch my dog, but could not. So, I proceeded to walk straight to him, saying, "Excuse me?"

He told me about how he was mowing and had stepped in the (dry) dog shit.

"Well," I said, with some Irish reverberation, "You shouldn't have done that."

This threw him off a little, as did my perfunctory, cordial introductions. But, with two other guys watching, is he going to back down easily? Of course not. So, I engaged in a tit-for-tat convo with him, which he kept trying to take advantage of.

We went back and forth. I told him that he was mowing too close into our property - closer than previous mowers had done. (This, of course, he already knew, because the point was for him to fuck with me, from the beginning. I have seen this shit over and over again, here and elsewhere). Then, he told me that, no, he was on 'HIS' property. I said, OK, then let's get a map. In fact, I told him, that I had viewed an areal, and the property line was close to 'their' property.

"You see how the path bends right up next to 'your' house? No one would have done that unless they were trying to stay inside tight property lines." In fact, they had been mowing WAY far out from this path, which was now rendered unusable, because of the day-lilly leafs overtaking it.

I said that the mower of the place was different every year, although the guy that owned the place was M-guy. (Actually, this was not at all how it came out in convo, but I am providing it as a fact to you). So, then he told me that he had actually BOUGHT the place from M-guy. I stared into his eyes, because this appeared to be a lie.

Another thing he told me was that it could not have been on THIS property, because he had measured it all out. Never again did he provide support for this, as in, "right where your downspout ends, etc." Really looked like an opportunistic lie. Rather, it appeared that he was reacting to my statements, in lies. Which is pretty sad. Since he was starting all this. But, maybe he does own the place. That is why I decided to do nothing until I enquire downtown in a day or two.

So.... yeah... he was insistent that he had measured the place, right? Well, soon he was saying, "I don't care about property lines."

At one point, it seemed like we had some agreement, and so I said, "OK, where are we at, now?" But he just said, "Where we at? Right back to when I called you over here," or something to that effect.

This stupid old fuck - a new guy in the hood - is trying to wheedle his way into owning the place. That is all it is. But, he thought he had two supporters, on the steps. Instead, he had two human observers. They know sense and humanity when they see it. One of them has a kid. So, once again, I can ultimately depend on humanity to back me up. That is the benefit of speaking wisely.

Do you think the planet will survive? Not so long as we have males everywhere pulling this shit. If they put it into science, then possibly - but probably not even then. I am so fucking sick of it. And the bitches who back it up.

So, I am going to check out if this guy actually did buy the place, I see a Quit-Claim-Deed in 2015, which makes it a possibility, perhaps. But, the records of ownership have not yet changed. Even if he owns the place, some sense has to be pro-acted here. Demarcations need to be made. As I told him, "Property means USE." That means that I don't have to pick up dog poop EVERY DAY just because he fraudulently claims to own the area. I clean up 2, possibly 1, times per week, in conjunction with THIS place's owner's mowers on Mondays.

I told this asshole that I pull my dog in, every time he strives to shit as far out as he can. But. all he did was turn this into blaming me. In fact, HE was the one mowing deep into THIS property. If I were an owner, I would fucking put this guy's ass on a griddle. It is amazing how much everyone everyone demotes the amount of respect you are given when you are living in places like this.

If I were this town, I would fucking grow up and make some money off of fencing permits, and other things: like fining noisy vehicles, tinted windows, and tailgating! This whole city is falling apart. Most everyone here is some kind of secret passive-aggressive psycho lame-ass. They eat gossip and blame as if it were food. Thank you, hippies. Thank you, libertarians. Thank you, Reagan and Clinton deprivation of help for the poor. Thank you, stupid white people.

All for now.

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