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I am the person who will destroy China.

Doggie No-Go

Also bad for dogs: potato skins, beans, raisins, GMO, sugar, corn and other grains, gluten.  Imagine a wolf walking along the way, being hungry, saying to himself: "Hmmm!  I think I'll just eat all these tiny little seeds on top of the grass now!  Yum!"  Not going to happen.  Didn't happen.  SHOULDN'T happen.  Also, limit the broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables, as they work against proper thyroid function - although they do contain good things, like sulphur, especially if organic.

The 12 things you should NEVER let your dog eat if you don't want to poison them

  • Emma Hammett is the founder of the informative website First Aid for Pets

  • There are many substances available that are just as dangerous as chocolate

  • However, many dogs are poisoned by their owners who don't know any better

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