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By the way, that dog entry was an article I wrote - directed towards a non-LiveJournal audience. I just thought you'd enjoy some variety!

Oh, Kate - it makes me sad because it so beautiful, lonely, natural, creative, free - things we don't see too much in the real world - that's why it is sad. sad that you champion what the world will not.

THE WAR: I have begun gardening - not just our lot, but two large vacant lots. trees. damaged structures. dangling telephone pole. weeds everywhere: burr plants taller than me in huge clumps. it is awesome. i don't see how i can return to my previous life - or Madison - without dealing with this for the rest of the fall. And then there's all the asshole neighbors. "Well this will eat up a year of my life... and then there's all of that weight to be lost..."

Crazy love is all i really want. let me grab the right girl, throw her in my pandamobile, and quit this town full of losers and drive of through the ocean to my old Tasmanian mountain home.

You have never seen me more self-indulgent:

So, there's this ad in the paper, sounds like it could be a response to "...Lucky me..." ad.

Saying, "Hhhummm. So bad, too!" Well, no doubt, I've done some really badboy things - stuff that hitherto has been referred to as "weird". I wear "bad" as a badge of honor. But is the ad from Kris - it is signed by "C.P." Egads. I am a tortured soul. Does Chris spell her name with a C????? Was it Cathy? Carrie? If it was for me, (a chance in maybe a thousand), I think it was probably from Kris - Chris?!! Uggaauggaugaaa!!!! But it resonates with them SB whores all looking at me with a special message in their eyes as if I know what the hell it is. And it resonates with the mood at the ERC, which no doubt communicates w/ folks at SB.

I tried so hard to get my message back to Kris - using every available route - "I am your own little bad boy!" TAKE ME! CALL ME! SAVE ME FROM THE DISCONCERTED LESBIANS!

It's all good. It's all I could do. I have a free conscience. I can putter amongst the poison ivy without a care in the world...

So - I saw someone post a recommendation to drink coffee at Barnes and Noble, where I once hung (myself). SO I got in touch with her. We finally chatted at length tonight. She was a little slow - but into sublime, and other neat shtuff. We flirted. I told her to go see my bio at "OK! OK!" And then, ten minuutes or so later - slam - she's gone! My guess? She probably recognised me! I'm telling you, it's not easy being a bad boy!

So - this aol thing says, "These are the best coffeehouses in Rockford..." and people are allowed to post their recommendations. Just a handful. So, this is what I posted:

"You can't go through Rockford without going through ridicule and banality. You can find these and headstrong Christian hypocracy down at Meg's on Riverside!"

And so was it true as was it spoken. And so was it all good. Walk like an Egyptian.

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