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Göbekli Tepe and Another End of the World...

Posted on 2017.05.05 at 22:16
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Here I am posting again about comets or asteroids hitting the Earth approximately 13,000 years ago, causing floods, and devastating a possible global civilisation, living along coasts.  I have recently been reading about the evolution of the dog, and there may be supporting evidence, through this study, that something devastating happened in North America, around that time.  Also, there is a fair amount of evidence of civilisations existing before our current concept of early civilisations, such as Egypt or Jordan.  Structures older than 10,000 years BP seem to be numerous, including buried pyramids, perhaps even pyramids of Egypt, and the astonishing ruins at Göbekli Tepe. Wikipedia states that Göbekli Tepe, (in Turkey), may be about 11,150 years old, but I have heard that it may be much older, thus predating the catastrophe around 13,000 BP.

Well, along comes a study from the University of Edinburgh College of Engineering, which claims that markings on monuments at Göbekli Tepe may well be a recording of a great catastrophic event, way back then. The study says that the event predated the markings, such that whoever made them was actually able to alter their depictions of celestial bodies so as to represent the time when the event occurred! This is highly advanced intelligence.

However, I look at this and see another hypothesis: Perhaps we've got the dating of Göbekli Tepe wrong to begin with. Perhaps the markings actually coincided with the event, roughly, or maybe even predated it! We don't know anything for sure about Göbekli Tepe. All that has been excavated of it, so far, has been about 5%.

But, it is great that such a study has come along and supported this massive catastrophe theory, which would help explain some things about human migrations, populations, climate change, the evolution of dogs, and schedules of climate change. I see all this, together, being a very deserving area of research. Count me in. However, if all this theory were completely disproved, it would still not mean that we need not take seriously the danger of a future catastrophe resulting from our passage through the Taurid meteor stream, as may be expected around the year 2030.

What would humans do, if they feared such upcoming catastrophe? They would move into underground bunkers and systems, (south of the Equator), just as the nerd/ billionaires are doing today! And - just as a possibly Neandertal-associated people seems to have done, many thousands of years ago. Stay tuned for more posts on these subjects. Fascinating!

An asteroid wiped out a civilization like ours 13,000 years ago—and it could happen again around 2030.

From the article linked above:

Mr. Hancock argues that nearly 13,000 years ago, a giant comet that had entered our solar system from deep space broke into multiple fragments as it approached the sun. On his path towards our star, the comet broke into multiple fragments, some of them striking Earth, and eventually giving rise to a global cataclysm on a scale unseen since the extinction of the dinosaurs causing the global Deluge that is remembered in myths all around the world.

Considered by many as a fantasist, and by many others as a deluded author, most of his work was not taken into account by ‘experts’ who refused to take into consideration anything other than what they believed firmly true—a timeline of Earths history shattered into pieces by those same experts who were unable to fully explain the numerous historical enigmas that cast shadow on our origins.

But all of a sudden—when experts from the University of Edinburgh’s School of Engineering released a scientific paper—the words written by Hancock rose from the shadows cast down by mainstream scholars, and into the spotlight where ‘experts’ realized that Hancock’s theories were not as ludicrous as many of them thought before.

According to scientists, intricate stone carvings found at Göbekli Tepe—the oldest temple on Earth—are evidence that a comet impacted Earth around 11,000BC, giving rise to cataclysmic events that wiped out civilization on Earth.

Measurements place the oldest stratum at Göbekli Tepe to around 9600 BC. It is, therefore, 6,500 years older than Stonehenge and 7000 years older than the oldest of the Pyramids.

As Hancock explains it, there is evidence all over the world speaking of such massive impact. This blazing space rock plunged into our planet striking Earth’s crust with the force of several thousand nuclear bombs exploding simultaneously. This cataclysmic event wiped our several larger animal species and nearly destroyed mankind.

However—as Hancock explains it—some did survive, like the Ojibwa tribe of the Canadian grasslands who speak of the Long-Tailed Heavenly Climbing Star which swept out of the sky to scorch the earth.

Daily Mail: Paper from University of Edinburgh Supports 13,000 BP Asteroid Claim - "The carvings at Gobekli Tepe do indeed describe a comet strike, in 10,950BC..."

More about Gobekli Tepe can be found at http://www.earthfiles.com

Nanabozho in Ojibwe flood story from an illustration by R.C. Armour, in his book North American Indian Fairy Tales, Folklore and Legends, (1905)

Wiki: "One of the latest, and quite controversial, hypotheses of long term flooding is the Black Sea deluge hypothesis, which argues for a catastrophic deluge about 5600 BC from the Mediterranean Sea into the Black Sea. This has been the subject of considerable discussion.[22][23])

NOTE - There does seem to be indications that the Mediterranean once burst into the Black Sea area, at some point. Considering that the Black Sea deluge hypothesis is not solid on the dating, (or much else), then it would seem more likely that such a (hypothesized) event may instead have happened closer to 13,000 years ago. Why? There was a sharper rise in sea level around that time - somewhere between 14,000 and 12,500 years ago:

Earth's sea level rose dramatically in the millennia after the Last Glacial Maximum.

I have posted (at least) twice before on the subject of this possible catastrophe. Here are the links to those posts. One of the posts discusses changes in climate and sea levels. (Please recognise that I have not yet entered into doing concerted research and thought on these subjects. Looking forward to doing that, if I can).


How does the light shine?

I have posted elsewhere on the possible connection between underground structures, mounds and pyramids, and Neandertal-associated people, who had phenomenal inherent mathematical skills. (You might find these by searching tag for "Neandertal" or "Pyramids").  My whole theory is that some Neandertals tended to be a kind of priestly class for emerging agricultural Homo Sapiens societies. Interbreeding, and die-offs, eventually eliminated Neandertals as a, "separate race," or distinct class. Instead, they were replaced by Neandertal-associated people, and later merely by various groups of humans carrying a little more of their genes and traits than others, such as Europeans in comparison to Chinese, etc.

By now, their, "religion," has so democratised and diluted, that it may have now become, among other things, the fashion called, "Freemasonry."

The structures at Göbekli Tepe were expertly made, incredulously transported, astronomically precise, and possibly partly underground. They resemble or presage other astonishing ancient structures across the globe, including Stonehenge. I have long pondered their function, and have a few different hypotheses, (which I will post about some other time). For now, one hypothesis is that they functioned as grain elevators, for cooperating clans. Perhaps the threatening animal carvings were meant to spook away rodents and larger hungry animals. Just as faced west from Giza, there was a threatening lion statue facing west from Göbekli Tepe, presumably to scare away barbarian human tribes.

Another hypothesis is that these structures were used to herd animals used, eventually, as food. I have seen many carvings there which appeared to be Dodo birds. This made me think that, if the Göbekli Tepe overseers traded abundantly in Dodo's, they could have contributed to that bird's extinctions, and the range of their trading would have stretched for thousands of miles in all directions.

If, after a great catastrophe, including rains and floods, the Black Sea was flooded, displacing peoples like the Scythians, it could have happened that some people's migrated to this area, and worked together to try to bring back what was left of populations, including animal populations. And so, it is perhaps ironic or not, that Göbekli Tepe could have been a kind of Noah's Arc, existing in the very area of the world where Noah's Arc was legend' to have settled. Perhaps they were one and the same thing, and the legend of a literal, "Arc," is just a little off. Just interesting, though, isn't it?

Needless to say, there are theories that aliens could have been involved in whatever was going on at Göbekli Tepe. Were they helping humans there? Making Göbekli Tepe a huge food pantry for the teeming masses? Were they lifting humans up in their ships, to be saved, or eaten, in some distant planet? Was Göbekli Tepe some vast ancient prison or gassing complex?

I leave no stone unturned, no question unasked.

There are reasons why we lose information of the past, even of past civilisations. There has been relentless drudgery and danger. There has been perennial war. Bubbles and empires have collapsed, attended by pogroms, mass genocide, and famine. Technology fails. Libraries go up in flames, and museums are raped like the gold veneer of the great pyramid of Giza. Even royal family keep their secrets, and today we have secrets being propagated through the lineage of secret societies, (see above). And, most of all, a lot of the time, we just don't want to know. If we knew, we might be burnt as witches.

After all, you saw what happened only 50 years after the Holocaust, right? Countless people actively deny that the Holocaust ever existed.

I am pretty sure a whole lot of intelligent people walked millennia before us. We aren't so great, so godlike, with our counting machines, who only remember what we tell them. We are not immune to some cataclysm from the Sun; or nuclear war, or something coming in 2030, perhaps. Who knows? We can't even predict Great Recessions and Depressions.

"The Taurid stream has a cycle of activity that peaks roughly every 2500 to 3000 years,[3] when the core of the stream passes nearer to Earth and produces more intense showers. In fact, because of the separate "branches" (night-time in one part of the year and daytime in another; and Northern/Southern in each case) there are two (possibly overlapping) peaks separated by a few centuries, every 3000 years. Some astronomers note that dates for megalith structures such as Stonehenge are associated with these peaks.[citation needed] The next peak is expected around 3000 AD.[3]" - Wiki - [dates are debatable]

I don't know if those stone-workers were aliens. I don't know if they were saviors. I don't know if they were like manic managers at Auschwitz. Maybe they were just profiteers. But, for whatever reason, at some point in ancient history, all the amazing structures at Göbekli Tepe were deliberately and meticulously covered over with dirt, gravel and bones, to be hidden away from the world forever. (Until now).

Just like Nature seems to have flooded over the greater part of what was humanity, 13,000 years or so ago.

Is this science? Is this religion? You can have both. We thinking, feeling creatures thought up both. In the end, they may not be so very different.

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