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HOUSE - spare me

Another English Love Story

Posted on 2017.05.04 at 20:30
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Some English love things I cannot tolerate, like Hugh Grant, "The English Patient," or, "The Importance of Being Ernest," (latest version).  But, if you like English love stories, (& in general), you will like, "Me Before You."  If you liked, "Love Story," "The Theory of Everything," or, "Juno," you will like it, because it is a combination of all three, except the girl doesn't get pregnant; and she is 26, and she is English.  It is like, "Juno," because the main actor, Emilia Clarke, takes some of her style from Ellen Page, (as Juno), even though this is not a comedy, but with a goofy positive spin, and disturbingly bionic eyebrows.  (Ellen Page, in turn, got a lot of her style from Genine Garafalo(sp?) who, along with Jennifer Anisten and Drew Barrymore, seems to have been very influential in recent dram-rom-com actress styles).

This is not just another English love story, it is another English love story where a beautiful little dark-haired wonder fawns over a grumpy paraplegic in a wheelchair.  Emilia Clarke's character is apparently a flamboyant transvestite trapped in a woman's body.  I guess she desperately needs a job - because she is endlessly buying expensive clothes.

The guy in the wheelchair appropriately looks like that Superman guy who became a paraplegic after falling off a horse, which was sad.  But, in this movie, the guy is somehow able to hold his head up, breathe, use his fingers, and write a letter, even though he is paralyzed from the neck down.  But, otherwise, the movie is sympathetic to his severe disability, even though he is an asshole about it.  He lives in a castle, of course, which is a compensation most disabled people never have - plus it is the ultimate chick magnet.  But no.  Adam Sandler did not contribute to this movie.

This movie will make you cry.  However, I suggest that you do not look it up online, or read the plot before you watch it.  This movie should be watched cold.  Also, if you would like to audition to be the perky attendant superhumanly devoted only to cheering me up and making me tea, please apply within the lobby.  I promise I will pay you handsomely.  And, by, "handsomely," I mean, with my natural good looks, and tortured grumpiness, in my castle made of dog hair and old utility bills.

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