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Mad Dogs and Englishmen

[This post was started around 1:pm, Tuesday, but was stopped near the end of #5, due to computer, health, and time difficulties. It was picked up later at around 9:pm, after I had returned home from shopping, etc. I say this because some of you get vertigo when things just don't seem right].

Awfulling up to the previous post, on Shakepeare in Love/ Sandler: These historical figures are interesting to read about:

Christopher 'Kit' Marlowe
Ingram Frizer
John Webster

And, I recently told an LJ friend that her son reminded me of a certain actor whom I couldn't put my finger on, dangling participle.  I think this was him: Colin Firth - but in older pics of him.  (This guy does some nice humanitarian work, btw).
- I can't remember other add-ons to that post, but if I do, I will insert them hereinbywith.

My dog always knows when I am going out that same day. I have discussed all this before. Even if I feel way to sick to even WANT to go out, he knows. Even if I haven't made up my mind to go, he knows. How does he do this? I think all answers are correct.

George Harrison says on some song, I think in All Things Must Pass, that your own thoughts and judgments are responsible for what you encounter in life, or something like that. This Zen idea has been repeated in many places, including in an General Public song, "Your reactions can make or break the day." As most of us grow up, and hopefully gain wisdom, we learn about the secondary costs of our actions - our affects and effects upon other people, creatures and the environment. We learn that HOW we interpret things can determine HOW we affect others.

In the study of quantum mechanics, science has found that, through measurement or observation, the nature of reality can be altered at the subatomic level. HOW we observe and cognitively process information - and others - and ourselves - does influence reality, which is entirely composed of a infinite holy host of subatomic particles. So, there are levels of alternate interpretation which are available to us. Which one we choose is related to our level on the psychological scales like the Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and Kohlberg's Stages of Moral Development.

And so, there are various interpretations of how my dog is able to know when I am going out, that same day. They are all true and real in their own right. I am am given the freedom and will to collapse but ONE of them into the only true "reality" or "truth" - just as science does - except for the fact that I am a tragically open-minded philosopher, plagued by an endless swarm of poltergeist hypotheses. So, here are the alternate explanations/ truths:

1 - Days go by after my last departure, and so my dog gets more and more unruly. By the time I am ready to leave again, he is so impatient and demanding to go for a walk, it only LOOKS like he knows when I am a leaving, that same day. So, I leave, and when I return, he feels so relieved and happy that I have returned, that his behaviour shapes right up, for several days - until the next time.

2 - He totally picks up clues from my body language, mood, activity, etc. This can be so, but I have spent a considerable amount of experimentation proving that it can be MORE than this, i.e., psychic. But - this can be so.

3 - Psychically, he senses that I will be leaving - at the very moment I make up my mind to leave that day. I.e., he can read my INTENTIONS, even if separated by a lead wall. I thought that this was the main answer for a long time, until I saw that the better answer that he actually was #4, because reality happened only after I had planned to go, but it was the reality of my future leaving that he was picking up on, and not my intentions. How did I discover this? Through a lot of timing and observation. Sometimes he would know I was going BEFORE I had decided to go; or even when I would move to leave automatically, like some indecisive zombie.

4 - Psychically, my dog KNEW what branching of reality would manifest in the future, wich was independent of what I decided to do. Nevertheless, that manifestation was also all tangled up with my intentions - and with all others above - and with things like the weather - and with #5. Why is this so? Because, at the gross subatomic level, everything blends into each other. In the statistical realm, many, many factors are implicated in how things happen - MULTIFACTORAL! And that should include the influence of "psychic" phenomena AND of observation! Modern science usually falls short of going this deep. To do so would ultimately contradict some premises of science.

5 - My dog reacts to rhythm, schedules, patterns. So, he knows that I leave every 7 days, and today is day seven. This is totally true, in general. Dogs do know these patterns, even more than we do, with our numbers and our computers. And, dogs have a sense which knows how to count - along with a profound spatial awareness, largely associated with their nasal input. However, in my case, this is not so true. Why? I have varied the schedule drastically in the past, while observing his behaviour.

How I react to my dog - how I interpret him - is not left to me alone. It is enmeshed with how my dog reacts to me - and interprets me. See how we both, in relationship, forever try to strike some balance, and meaning, until we die one day.

But, everyone knows: Trying to think ONE way about someone, or something, or people, or everything, is forever confounded by this problem of everyone and everything blowing back and reinterpreting YOU - reacting - cooperating or competing. It just never ends. And, the point is, it is almost impossible keep one idea of ANYTHING going for long, and there fore: It is impossible to CONTROL, without the other's free consent. Yes?

I have at least 5 ways of thinking about my dog. If you add things like, my dog is so stupid," and, "my dog is a vessel for Satan," that means there are at least 15 ways I can see the reality of my dog. But, my dog also has at least 15 ways of interpreting me, and, "collapsing," me into HIS reality. How in heck are ever the twain to meet, for more than an instant, here or there?! What is the solution to this endless uncertainty?

Love is the answer.

But, that requires more posting, not suitable for hereinwithnowforsuch.

Back to the 5 alternate interpretations/realities above. We have 5 tracks of how reality, "really is." No, wait, we have even more than this, we have 15. If we want to get even more precise, we have 100 tracks - or a million - or a trillion - or - we just have all these damn quanta every which way! But, out brains like to deal with only1 or 2 or 3 tracks at the most. EVERYTHING ELSE THEY SUBLIMATE TO THE DISCARDED SUBCONSCIOUS. This is how our brains choose reality - one track reigns - others are shut down.

On the other hand, this is how meaning is given to us. Emotion goes farther than the elemental information we choose to select. Emotion knows all the tracks, even if they are pushed away. Emotion knows the chaos, and loves it.

To bring us meaning, the Origami Universe finds for us these alternate tracks which, actually, bleed into and out of each other. You may look at the moon slipping through some dark silver-blue clouds at night, but that is not all you see. What you see is beauty. And you see beauty because you emotionally KNOW the other tracks involved with this picture. And some of these tracks don't even belong to you. But, you can ind the meaning by being the final arbiter - choosing what you choose to believe. Thank you, Origami Universe!

All 5 ways of seeing my dog are legitimate. In meditation, I may know that all 5 are in operation at the same time. In action, I must go with only one. If I choose THIS one, how will it affect the future - and can my pocketbook afford those consequences? If I choose THIS one, will I be caught and scorned? If I choose THIS one, will the relationship bloom anon into the future? If I choose THIS one, will it somehow end in death to someone soon?

Cozy in our human civilisation and technology, we are not compelled to be so existential about how we interpret and create reality. But we should be! This is our heritage, to do so!

Well - I think I've covered that subject enough, although I'm not sure. Wine is getting to me. So, I will now work towards ending this post...

Today, I took my dog out for doo doo do-age. I noticed some tiny doo doo from some alien creature. It was about one and a half inches long, and in now way threatening to anyone. Was it a cat? Too small? Was it a rat? Too weird. The oddest thing was that it seemed entirely composed of digested grass seeds, all aligned, as if magnetised. THOSE WERE MY GRASS SEEDS, DAMN IT! If the crazy bald guy has been out here eating my grass seed - I tell ya!

After that, my dog went rambunctious, because this is how he gets when he knows that I will be leaving, that same day. I had to reign him in and get firm.

First of all, I have noted that birds enjoy seeing me dominating my dog. On the other hand, they enjoy seeing my dog chasing away cats. Don't think I am crazy. I am a scientist of nature, in the tradition of Thoreau, but more-so, of your own humane nature.

In this area, there are huge black birds, with hawk-like wings, who sometimes mass profusely in trees, cawking, and swarming, and flying off, and here and there. I have found that they are very intelligent. I cannot call them crows, because that is a misnomer here, I guess. I cannot call them blackbirds, because they are not blackbirds. It is amazing that, after living in these parts since childhood, I still haven't decided what to call these wonderful terrors.

So, I am calling them, henceforth, "blackhawks," in honour of the legendary Chief Blackhawk, of this region. I am sure that these birds are what they were referring to. Black hawks. They are amazing, fun animals, who have been loves of mine since childhood.

Well, when I was outside today, one of these birds flew over to me, and hovered above me. There were a few caws, from somewhere. Then, another one flew up - maybe it's partner in the neighbourhood - and this one ALSO hovered directly above me! I KNOW when birds are trying to communicate with me. In this case, I don't know if this had to do with me reining in my mad dog, or if it had something to do with me finding the infamous grass seed turd of legend. Maybe it was theirs? Do these big birds even bother with grass seed?

If so, maybe they were not being sweet, but were being ASSHOLE, like the surrounding human neighbourhood. Maybe they were trying to threaten me, like, "Oh, you don't like us eating you grass seed, punk?! Well, we really like it - so let's see you try to fly up here and start something, neener!"

I prefer to think it was something else.

OK - end of post. Now, I just want to add one, maybe two things.

There was a guy being interviewed on NPR's, "Here and Now." He was a student of the First Amendment. He said that Trump was a major threat. But he also said that, "Citizen's United," was a good thing. He is wrong. I can fully tell you why he is wrong in the latter, in another post. And, this is made even more wrong by the stance against Trump, which is a nuanced thing you shouldn't judge me on until you hear what I have to say, later. The point is that this guy is clearly and wonderfully wrong. He is not a great thinker. I am sorry, old man. You are an absolutist. We don't have absolutism in the 2nd Amendment, do we?

No, he was not English, surprisingly.


So, we will clear this out into the open whenever I get around to posting about it - but, just know: that madman is backing you up on this! Citizens' United is WRONG, and 80% of the American people are right in saying so! I can lampoon and pierce any onslaught from bankers, or old academics, or lawyers, or opportunists, or politicians, or corporations, on this. We've got this one in the bag. Keep resisting on this!

Finally... I was not able to spend time at the library, today. That was because I was so delayed by extreme brain-strain. Today was tough. And, when I came home, no time/energy to go and see, "The Promise," maybe next week. Thank goodness I never invited American girl to meet me at the theatre for that movie, because my bus was super late, and I would have missed the date.

American girl was in a kind of a mood today. So, I just went with it. I invited her to nothing. I did find that she wore no engagement rings. When our transaction was complete, I called her by her name - possibly Welsh - and she smiled.
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