I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

transcribing the terrible

It occurred to me that I have another way of trying to describe CFS.  In the past, I have given these descriptions, to mute onlookers:

1 - It feels like swimming through concrete.

2 - A fatigue so extreme, you can't even sleep.  You can't even yawn!

3 - A head full of scorpions.

4 - With clinical depression, the light-bulb has faded.  With CFS, "depression," the light-bulb has overheated and burnt out.

5 - PTSD, etc.

6 - When you try to do something, it is like food going down the wrong way, causing intense pain!  You cannot push forward, you can only try to relax.  For hours.  Days.  (Recently posted).

Now - number 7 = When you have lost a loved one, and you try to speak, and it is impossible!  You stutter and gasp and sob uncontrollably.  It is like trying to talk into a hurricane - you cannot do it.  (Oh, and then let us not forget these: The Myth of Sisyphus; Zeno's Arrow; Dante's Inferno; infinite gravity; death without dying; canary in a coal mine, prison without the meals).
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