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At last! The long-awaited, megalithic, megafauntastic, ANTI-THEME-POST!

Posted on 2017.04.30 at 19:34
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I dreamt about tornadoes, and then tornadoes happened in Texas. Although, due to some major CFS brain trouble today and yesterday, I don't know if my dream was last night or the night before. So, I don't really know if it was predictive - or if it might have been me reinterpreting BBC on my radio. They say that dreams of tornadoes may presage upheaval in one's life. I know THAT feeling. But this dream didn't feel that way. Because. I have major upheavals about 3 times per week, so I don't need to dream for more. In this latest dream, I was able to reach out and grab a thin, white, "braided" tornado, and moved it elsewhere. Maybe I saved some people in Texas. Or maybe I just pulled some girl's hair while she slept in Norway.

Speaking of Norway, I believe there is a very easy, simple, and fundamentalist solution to the whole situation with North Korea. After all, the Pope just warned that global nuclear war could result from it. (Maybe he had a tornado dream). But, don't worry. It will be just like building a wall to deal with Mexico. For Korea, we just have to build a ceiling! Chant after me! Chant after me!

BTW - I have been returned to the idea that North Korea might be a USA pawn; (i.e., for global monopolies). Apparently this whole kerfuffle, (which started as soon as Donald Trump signed over the stump of his soul to the Deep State), comes at a time when the military, and all its client rogues, is seeking funding for more anti-missile defense system missiles. Anti. For defense. Missiles. More war. For peace. And money.

The other night, I watched a movie written, directed and produced by Angelina Jolie, about the war in Bosnia, including mass killing and rapes of women. I think I'll go and see, "The Promise," on Tuesday, and later write a post about war movies. But I might also do a compare and contrast of Jolie's movie with the crazy silly Adam Sandler movies I have been watching. Movies like, Chuck and Larry, where good-hearted objectification of women and stereotyping of Asians and edification of lewd male behaviour are all taken to new heights. One might not see much a difference between Jolie and Sanders, at first glance, but I assure you there are one or two.

You now how LJ massively massacred the populations of two of my communities, right? Now I cannot try to send out any further requests for people to join, because LJ might go in and slaughter even more, if I do. I am caught between Iraq and a hard place. And I don't know if LJ slaughtered other communities, because I never checked. Well, now it seems that most of the profile info on one of main communities has completely disappeared. Add to that a whole bunch of other things, and 400 and 404 and 500, and a LJ friend's laptop just turned blue, it is starting to seem like nefarious agents in Russia may be deliberately attacking us! Or not. Remember, this is where hypotheses come to die.

Oh. And while my brain was grappling with LJ's aggressions, I accidentally lost a post I was working on, about Adam Sandler movies.

Newmans-Own Foundation should donate to charities who are fighting unhealthy ingredients in salad dressing.

I kept a plastic bottle of 50/50 bleach/water by my sink. One day, I noticed a dried stream of whitish stuff coming from it into my sink. But, no apparent hole in the bottle. But, it actually burnt two tiny holes right through my metal sink. So, I then kept the bottle in a used cat food can. Today, that can was filled up with liquid, and overflowing. I cleaned it up, and transferred the solution into a glass jar. A tested the bottle, by blowing into it. Almost completely air-tight. The holes had literally been microscopic. It is so hard to find a plastic bottle that can hold bleach. I tried one, and took it to do laundry, and forgot about it later. It leaked and bleached half of my backpack.

Although I have been ill a lot, lately, everything I have cooked has turned out really amazing. Maybe I will post pseudo-recipes later, if I have half a mind. On the other end, I cleaned up my dog dumps, and now the carpet is ready to vacuum. It is dark with black dog hair and associated ear lice.

My illness is a lot like sepsis - at least chronic, low grade sepsis. It happens when I eat, especially anything with fast carbs. When I am in a relapse, all my organs shut down, especially my stomach, and my Las Vegas nerve. I have wondered if there might be a leaking fistula somewhere down there, but have given up finding answers to such questions. Although, the fact that, when I was homeless in Philadelphia by some syringe-litter brook, I impatiently swallowed a little chlorine pill, which is supposed to be used to disinfect a large amount of water. It possibly burnt through some gastrointestinal lining. Soon after that, my legs became completely paralyzed, and I literally had to pull myself up a hill, back into the shelter of my cave.

But, leaky gut can do the same thing. And polio-related viruses can do the same thing. Imagine my doctor asking me to write a book with him about CFS, as if I know what I'm talking about...

RadioLab did a show about the GUT today, (with at least two bits being repeats). As you devoted biographers know, I have long been posting about the gut, and gut biota. We are dictated by the health of the foreign bacteria in our bowels. (There are 10x more bacteria cells on us than our own cells). These bacteria, and our gut, are not only a true second brain, they are sometimes our first brain. Having a gut illness can turn you into a different person. A mere fecal biota transplant can be effective against some illnesses, including MS, which is assuredly disgusting. And, the fact that we are all thematically donut-shaped, with everything, "outside" of our bodies, is something that I realised long ago. That scheme has helped me understand the evolution of sea creatures, worms, and other animals who evolved from, not necessarilly donuts, but toilet-roll tubes.

In Wisconsin, there have been cows where people could look through glass windows in their sides, and see the cows' stomachs churning away. I told a nephew about this, and his mother hated me for it. Now, RadioLab reports the latest about cow gut studies, in its first bit, wherein a cow at U. of Cal., Davis, has a fistula right through its side. So, people are allowed to put their fists through the fistula, into the churning stomach, and undergo a religious experience.  God save the cows.

The second bit, on RadioLab, is a good synopsis of current, and my, learning regarding the gut. Recommended. At some point, (not sure if it is in this bit), they talk about a giant machine in Tasmania, of course, which processes food just like animals process food. You can throw in a pizza, and it goes 'round and 'round, and it comes out here. I'm just thinking: with 6 tanks of liquid, at 25 gallons each, WHERE ARE THEY DUMPING THIS STUFF? Into the Tasmanian health supplements industry?

OK - the final bit of RadioLab is another repeat, but an awesome story to listen to, if you haven't yet. It is about who is disallowed from eating. Eventually, he kinda goes insane for food. Highly recommended. And, when you listen to it, I want you to also consider that transgendered people go through a very similar, desperate hunger for some lost connection inside themselves. It is all in the brains.

RadioLab show HERE.

They've come up with a much more effective treatment for sepsis, btw, helping people in poorer countries. They have also found a better treatment to help endangered women after childbirth. And, I have also posted to you that there is a recent discovery of a much cheaper way to desalinate water. So, news in the world is not always bad. Progress. I am a progressive, remember.

On Sunday mornings, the local FM oldies station turns into a 1940's swing, big band station. The DJ has been doing the show for all eternity, on various stations. His son now comes in and does it with him, Which is an odd concept to ne. The owner of the 7-station FM network here is also a morning DJ, during the morning Farm Show, etc. When he goes on vacation, HIS son comes in and subs for him. Didn't the Founding Fathers warn us about this?!

This second guy, the owner/DJ, likes to run commercials for a Wisconsin nudie bar, where some motorcycle guy shouts and growls, and some teen nudie talks like a blonde, and goes, "grrrr!" SexHEH! Or: no one bats an eye when they run the commercial where two guys have been drinking at a bar, which they decide is a, "sausage store." So, they decide to drive to the wild and infamous nudie bar, despite the fact that they have already been DRINKING. I wouldn't be surprised if this commercial was followed by a PSA by MADD. Because that's how people are around here.

Back to the Big Band show, this morning... Every week, the DJ does a bit where he airs a singer, and then asks the audience to name who the singer is. It is almost always female. Today, he played a Norah Jones song, which is really out of the norm for him. I decided to call him up and name her. So, I say, "That's the daughter of Ravi Shankar: Norah Jones!" He then asked for my name and city. (Why did I decide to do this? I figured I would start some gossip about me, here and yon. Thousands of people knew me in the past, especially in HS days, so there will be bound to be listeners who knew me. "Hey, guess where 'madman' is now?!").

Later, he announced the names of the people who had gotten, "Norah Jones," correct. He said my name, and repeated I had said to him on the phone: "He says he's in Stupid-Town, 'FOR NOW'..." (I wonder if my LL was listening, cuz this would have perked her ears up). But, he never mentioned that I had said that Norah Jones was the daughter of Ravi Shankar. Instead, he said that someone else, named Sue, in Yee Olde City, had informed him of this fact. AND, when he first announced my name, he mangled it into the female form. Old people have been mistaking my first name for the female version ever since I can remember. This explains why I menstruate every month.

"He plays a sitar or something..."

When on the phone, I didn't want to say to the old DJ, "Hey, Bubba! I listened to you when I was a kid! It's ME! Remember?!" That's true. When I was a kid, I was really into swing and big band music, from the 1920's to the 1950's. I guess people were amazed by this. Once, a different DJ was so impressed, he invited me onto his radio show. I sat in his studio, while he played the music and ran commercials. Then, everything went silent, and he began introducing me. Like I was little Stevie Wonder. I sat there dumbfounded and dumb. "Uhh..." I said nothing! I was so green. I was so scared. But, I went on to be a star on stage, even though I had two other occasions where stage fright got to me. The second time, I blame on CFS. I don't think I have it at all now. I am willing to address any large crowd now, because I know it is intrinsically full of idiots, tra la. And, besides, they would be wasting their time on me, so, point made.

Myself included, I am continuously perturbed by the folly of mankind. I have posted recently about how people assume that they are doing a world of good, and they will fight you about it, when they are in fact doing a lot of damage. They build up groups and churches and institutions and systems, all contrived to keep their infectious ignorance doing its stuff. As humans, we all have the right to be wrong, which pretty much nixes it for the planet's future. Today, I'd like to complain about another banal behaviour. [Unfortunately, my beleaguered brain is not letting me remember this thought. Possibly, I can come back and fill this spot in later. Sorry]...

Speaking of evolution... The reason why there is warfare is because, back when we needed iron for tools, we fought each other until we bled to death. The people who tended not to bleed to death had a lot of iron in their blood. That means they lived on land full of iron. Consequently, these people predominated, and so did their tools. Ha ha, gotcha. This is just an example of how hypothesizing can go wrong. It's a conspiracy theory, like the face on Mars! Or, like the idea that human hunters benefitted from dogs because dogs watched their eyeballs. Or, like this:

Let's see - now we are talking about TED talks. Seldom have I been disappointed by Ted Talks on Ted Radio, but maybe their threshold for strong science is a little lowered by TED's technocratic, sci-fi futurism, in comparison to RadioLab. Thank goodness we are not getting our science from the Moth Radio Hour. So - there was this guy on TED who was convincing the host that human beings are evolving at an accelerated rate. Maybe he has computer chip envy. "Just think! Humans are taller now than they were a hundred years ago!"

No. See. What happens when kids are confined to a closet, and starved most of the time, by evil parents? They turn 12 years old and have the bodies of 3 year olds. Once you lessen their stress, and give them ample nutrition and exercise, their growth suddenly explodes, trying to catch up to its potential. THAT's mainly what's been going on with the human race. This has nothing to do with evolution. Of course, there will be RNA, protein, etc., changes associated with this growth spurt, but epigenetics is not the same thing as evolution. It bears upon it, but it is NOT going to give you this:

"It is true. In just three generations, your grandchildren will be a completely different species!"

OK? That's absurd, except for the rich, technocratic elites who want to install video games into the heads of their children. With visions like these, who needs enemies? Onwards and upwards, into the Rhone!

Juan Enriquez can be found HERE.

I'll post about epigenetics later, as I have in the past. I just wanted to kick this guy's ass, because the interviewer was all like, "This just sounds... crazy! Is it really true?!!!"


Finally, there are scientists who are claiming that humans were in the America's 130,000 years ago. That puts it at 115,000 years earlier than claimed by the current theory, (but really only 100,000 years earlier than claimed by the more marginal theory). You have heard this news. There were scratch marks on animals bones in Southern California, (recall also Megafauna tar pits), which looked to be made only by humans. Paleontologists usually don't recognise or look for such markings, especially in older sites, and archaeologists may also ignore older sites, since the idea is that humans got here only 15,000 years ago.

This is a plausible theory, in my opinion. It is completely NOT impossible that waves of earlier humans had been in these continents, prior to expanding ice, or the waves 30,000-15,000 years ago. And, the kicker is this: They MIGHT have been Neandertals. Well. I have always pondered that Neandertal might have lived in the Americas. After all, Europe is only a hop away, and sometimes less. The big question was, where did all the Neandertals, upon the Homo Sapiens' invasion of Europe, 35,000+ years ago? Well, something was up - so maybe a lot of them went to Europe - as long ago as 130,000 years ago, too! (Please see my Neandertal tag above, and THIS ONE, for more on when the two species were encountering each other which, I maintain, was well before 35,000 years ago).

If these were indeed humans, and Neandertal humans, then my thoughts have been validated. Thoughts like: Many or most Native American facial features not only have some Neandertal resemblances, but resemblances to archaic native European facial features, such as those buried in peat moss for thousands of years. I am talking about a rugged, chiselled, longish skull with a prominent bridged nose. (I understand that colder climates can produce similar morphologies). Or, this: Why was there found to be a unique genetic relationship between the Cherokee and some Jews - (I forget what "tribe")? Long, long ago, I theorised that the relationship was not due to an emigration of some Jews to America, but to a common, Neandertal ancestry. Remember, all humans are related, and have different DEGREES of past ancestors in our genes. I am not say that Jews or Native Americans are Neandertals! AND, I am not saying that Neandertals were inferior to Homo Sapiens.

Also, the similarity of Algonquins in appearance and in houses and some culture to islandic Western Europeans strongly suggests some relationship. But this relationship may have gone back long before we have imagined. Mound-building and pyramid-building. Legends of Atlantis and of giants. The probability of lost, globally coastal civilisations tens of thousands of years ago. (See future posts!) These things and more suggest that Neandertal might really have been in North America, way back when - and why not? Maybe they even "began" here, and expanded into Europe. My mind is closed to nothing. My heart is an open book.

This explains why I menstruate every month.

This just sounds... crazy! Is it really true?!!!

PS. I think I've figured out what has been deeply lacking in my life.


Which makes me think.

Did megafauna smoke marijuana?


meowmensteen at 2017-05-02 00:10 (UTC) (Lien)

I'm reading your post in random parts, and anwering them randomly...

I bet you that it's because you caught my periods. I don't have them due to my wonderful birth control. You must have them now... (you did start this menstrual talk)

I always figured that North Korea was one of China's pawns. Seems like the last thing in the world they want is a unified Korea. Then we'd probably just station some of our troops right at their border. At least for now, with the North being separate, China has a buffer from our troops stationed in the South.

I was thoroughly disappointed with TED, Radio Lab, and Snap Judgment this week. They play all three together on my NPR station. Radio Lab was the most interesting of the three (I didn't even bother with Moth this week), but the thing that bugs me about Radio Lab is that they can't just tell you shit, they have to make it interesting by adding in stupid sound effects and constantly repeating themselves. I find it annoying and insulting. It's like they're saying, "You people don't have good attention spans, so we'll all all these sound effects in to make you pay attention better." When really, it's just more distracting. TED does that too, but they aren't as bad as Radio Lab.

where hypotheses come to die
madman101 at 2017-05-02 01:04 (UTC) (Lien)

Re: I'm reading your post in random parts, and anwering them randomly...


I did. And I'd rather have periods than be in a comma.

I thought the same about N.Korea too, and they probably once were. Now I suspect - suspect - that they are pawns of a collabouration between top dogs in both China and the USA - I mean transnational globalists. So, it's a way to keep tension going and spend money on ships and bombs. And both S.Korea and Japan are glad to have us over there to protect them.

I don't get Snap Judgment here. And I discovered that the shows they play on the local NPR station aren't always the same ones they are playing elsewhere, so I can't sync up with your comments on the latest Moth, etc. Tonight, the Moth is airing Susan Vega, etc.

Yep, RadioLab gets that way, and it is very noticeable when the topic isn't so amazing - Like, why am I putting up with these bells and whistles just to hear something not extremely interesting. Don't assume I am extremely interested(!)

On the other hand, I am in a fog sometimes, and/or doing something else, so maybe those sounds get my attention, idk, ha ha. I still love the show, though.

NPR really destroys me a lot, but mostly it comes from the news and news shows. But the music shows I relish with relish.

btw - being near Chicago, the local NPR plays 9 hours of blues per weekend. Blue are great, but pretty basic, and they can tend to get to me after a while.

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