I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Child actors are the presidents of the future.

Accuse me of pedophelia, but I have wide-ranging interests, so fuck you, lol.  Please note: The following verbage is not to be mistaken for movie reviews.  I will be sure to burden you with reviews in later posts, yars.

I have a man crush on a what, 15 year old boy?  He is not up on Wikipedia, so the only way you can see him is by watching the movie, "Sing Street."  His name is Ben Carolan as Darren.  He is the nativist flaming red-head kid who manages the band.  He looks like a freaking leprechaun.  He is amazing to watch.  If I were him, back in 2014, I would immediately transition into being a woman because his crazy eyes are to die for.  Even though this was a nobody actor, keep an eye out for him.  You never know what the Irish will do.

More seriously, there was another actor on this same movie who grabbed my eye.  She played Ann, the sister.  She wasn't given much to say, but, my god, she was beautiful.  Kelly Thornton as Ann Lawlor.  Luckilly, she has a Wilkipedia page!  Curse me to hell, but, being 100% Irish, I have some kind of strange attraction to females with Irish faces - and demeanor.  Good for her that she has an acting career.

So, I was watching this Adam Sandlerent_mood= - - - - LJ ATE THE REST OF THIS POST.  It was about Emma Fuhrmann in "Blended."  Amazing to watch, just like Amanda Seyfried was in "Mean Girls".  She reacts to everything, quietly.  Won an award.
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