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Go all the way!

I have to listen to golden oldies constantly, just to push back the crazy guy from below.  I love a lot of oldies, but also hate a lot - especially when they play the same songs over and over again, from Cher, or Billy Joel, or Bob Seger!  Bob Seger was a pathetic old hippie looser who sang about losing and girls with perky boobs.  I cannot STAND him!  And his gravelly voice.

But they just played one of the best songs in rock history, "(Please), Go All the Way."  (You can search that on your own).  The song is amazing in its energy, like Duran Duran, or Bruce Springsteen, but more.  It goes straight from the intro into the refrain, which was revolutionary, I guess.  (If you wonder why I care, I love music - but I also wrote a lot of songs in my life.  One won some silly award).  This is one of the first great power-pop songs, which puts it all down like a template for others to follow.  Then came Big Star, who stole a lot from George Harrison.

Another monumental classic rock song is, of course, "Born to Run."  I learnt from some documentary that Springsteen spent months and months and months working on this song, which also has the big "Wall of Sound" backdrop which Phil Specter gave to George Harrison's, "All Things Must Pass."

One of my ultimate, all-time favourite classic rock songs is, "Lightning Striking Again," although it might have some different name.  In the same way, it builds from the very beginning, right to the amazing energy, and has a range which is astounding.

Of course, there is also the always-endearing, heart-wrenching, "You've Lost That Lovin Feelin," which I posted about  some months ago(!)

There are so, so many more classic rock songs I love, and some which I would put into this post as being superlative, if only I had less of a winegrain.  Maybe I'll post more on these in these future.  Anyway, for now, what are your favourite songs from history?  I mean, BeeGees were phenomenal.  Hall & Oats were phenomenal.  Beatles.  Beach Boys!!! ABBA!!!

What are you favs?
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