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Them dang ferners - Part three.

NPR did a story about China endorsing running marathons at home.  It brought out the nutsy wacky thinking over there...

One runner said he stopped smoking 5 days ago to help in his running.  "Running has advantages but smoking also has advantages."

Oh, and I'm sure that absolute pollution of Beijing has its advantages, too.

During the last marathon, officials distributed grape flavoured soap, which lots of people ate - getting sick.  Now the officials still distribute the same American soap, but at the end of the marathon, and they warn people not to eat the soap.

And, how about this comment, from a runner: "I hate running. But I just like to compete!"


This is not about Chinese.  This is about anyone being fucked up by a screwed up system.  I know dysfunctional siblings who just babbled on like this, and I have known it amongst others.  And, I have seen how Hong Kong capitalism has turned Chinese people into loathsome, bottom-feeding opportunists.  We're all fucked up humans.
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