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I am the person who will destroy China.

Them dang ferners - Part two.

You won't believe this, but I am not against strong regulation of immigration, or even against, "a wall" - my own version of a wall, that is.

Why?  I once posted to you about a rad liberal who advocated getting a grip on immigration now, before it gets out of hand.  The reason for this is that global warming is going to cause a lot of drought and population upheavals.  Of course, a lot of that is going to be anthropomorphosized into WARS, of course involving the USA, accelerating mass migrations. But the underlying cause will be drought, water loss, food loss, rising prices, discontent, USA destabilisation...

Mass migration/s is already beginning to be a big problem, but it is going to get a LOT worse. Just allowing more and more people into better-off countries will only delay dealing with deep problems in the home countries, as well as with global warming. Sadly, defending humanitarian ideals of freedom for everyone, (which I support), will only result in trouble for all, when the only solution is to let people leave their homes for greener fields. This does nothing to help the home countries.

Unfortunately, I did not tag that post, (containing link), with the rad liberal. For more thoughts the subject of immigration, I suggest you hit the tag above. We need to deal with mass migrations, global warming, and population explosion, AT THE SOURCE, and not waste time in denial. Of course, some immigration in dire situations is a good thing, humanely.

Population increase benefits capitalism, which is part of the problem. There will always people around looking to profit from anything, including tragedy or degeneration. This whole global warming thing continues, and meanwhile the USA, and great Emerald Cities, keep enticing more people into the very system which is causing global warming. Do you see how corporate capitalism is built upon destruction itself? Anyway, both parties secretly want more immigration, no matter what they say. Cheap labour for business, easy votes for Democrats.

Touted blanket compassion by Dems, and touted anti-immigration by Trump GOP, are both wrong, and serve to fuel the problems.

Now, what about that wall? Well, it is sad that issues like global warming ultimately transmogrify into political jingoism and hate. You take a real, big, problem, and people like Trump divert good people's attention over into HATING. Hating and blaming may only solve surface problems, temporarilly. In the long run, it makes everything worse. So, the whole wall thing, mainly a campaign hook, (in conflict with GOP/business need for cheap labour), has pretty much sidestepped reality. Coming up with money for some great wall is nonsense, especially when at least half the country hates the whole idea of hating people.

My idea of a wall?

Why would I want a wall? I don't want a wall. I have no emotional issue with immigration, in any way whatsoever. I am an immigrant. But I am concerned about global warming, and population increase, and all they shall entail. We are destined to have more people coming up from the south, especially when the economy improves again. (Funny thing about our economy, which will get more and more common, is that it will not be so much better, but better compared to the decline of all other countries).

If we are going to build a wall, let's use the opportunity to create jobs, and help the economy. This is a political solution, here. I cannot always say, "Let's not do this, and let's not do this, so that capitalism in America shall collapse. Sorry. That is foolish).

OK - so, you build a wall. You have surveillance technology, as well. You also go deep into the earth, to deter tunnellers. (Oh, did I mention, ya stop running guns into Mexico, lol?)

But you also build a moat! What?! Yes, a MOAT! From the Pacific to the Gulf of Mexico, you build a frickin CANAL for trade. Why not? Dudes, any damn thing can be concocted to create jobs, so why not something that also benefits the economy - something the GOP will like? This would be a massive project. But, a wide canal would allow giant new Chinese ships through.

Do you realise that much of our trade is being lost from Long Beach down to Mexico, because Long Beach cannot handle the giant Chinese ships? Tonnes of jobs are being lost because of this. Here is a way we can accommodate all that. Meanwhile, guess what is happening? Chinese trade is coming in through Mexico, and so a massive ultra-wide highway is being built from Texas to Canada. That is called globalisation. Globalisation by now-global elites, no longer by USA-elites.

A canal/moat could provide tonnes of jobs in its building, but also in its usage. It would solve the problem of river run-off flooding. It would help local cities. See. If a progressive had packaged something like this, it could have won. But, we always keep getting thrown back to common denominators, and we go nowhere.

With all the advances in technology lately, we have some awesome opportunities ahead. As a country, we are handling everything wrongly, and handing the future over to others. This coming war with Korea will probably end in our handing over of wisdom to China.
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