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Rhymes with Birth.

Posted on 2017.04.22 at 15:31
Happy Earth Day, please.

Also, happy Record Store Day. And Jelly Bean Day.

Regarding those marching scientists: What do I think? I think this is something which should have happened a long time ago. Ignorance of science, and the science of global warming, did not suddenly happen when Trump got into office. But, he clearly spewed rhetoric against science and global warming, and he selected Oil and Coal as his running mates, pretty much. I guess it is understandable that normally uninvolved scientists waited until this major threat before they decided to stand up and take action, by walking and shouting. However, to say that they are not being political is entirely disingenuous, and smacks of the same Democrats-in-denial contagion that has been going around. If funding for science is threatened, it is perfectly fine for scientists to protest, as they are citizens, are they not? And marches are very different from scientific experiments. Let's get real here, cuz getting real is what science should be about. Other than this, I support them and ask that they keep off the grass.

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