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It is easy and common for people to reject and ridicule anyone who is thinking or writing about causes in politics which are outside of the expected. These people are labelled, "conspiracy theorists." Yes, there really are crazies out there whose minds are a little off-kilter and far-fetched, full of paranoid fantasies. They value and connect the wrong dots. Their ballooned ego's are buttressed by thinking themselves equivalent to the great dark forces which they conjure.

But, really, many so-called, "conspiracy theorists," are just people who have thought things through, and have answers which others find strange because they are new to them. They find the ideas conflictive with their own beliefs. So, they label and ostracize these people - often the very eccentrics who could have bettered their world. Unwittingly, these taunters are acting as pawns of our Security Intelligencia, who deliberately created the term, "conspiracy theorist," as a devise to discredit those who were following the truths behind the assassination of JFK, (and others). That was when the continuing silent coup officially gained control.

An ever-growing, top-heavy, dysfunctional system profitting from status quo relationships and techniques, through greater and greater corruption and expense, first branded truth-seekers as deviant and wrong - like liars. Ironically, that very system has been sporting an expanding alternate universe of lies and conspiracy theories all its own. And we are all hitched to this dragon of a wagon. Now, we have new labels to dismiss what the Deep State doesn't want you to hear: "Fake News!" "Alt Right!" "White Nationalists!" "Anti-Free Trade!" "Hate Speech!" "Anti-Scientific!" "Tree-Huggers!" "Racists!" "Self-Radicalised!" "TERRORISM!"

I am not saying that such things do not exist in reality. I am saying that these are simplistic, broad-mouthed garbage cans into which are thrown the bad with the good - ON PURPOSE. For example, one may be opposed to globalisation and so be called a, "Nationalist" - and, if that person is white, then that person is thrown into the garbage can labelled, "White Nationalist" - meaning that that person is a NAZI-like racist who wants only a country for white people, and are probably scheming away at how to incite revolution.

That's MILLIONS of fine, innocent people opposing globalisation, which is certainly harmful in many ways, being dismissed as potential terrorists, basically. See what Semantics can do? Orwell knew this. So did Goebbels.

These garbage can words are like the perverted dots of a true paranoid, "conspiracy theorist." They are SUPERSTITIONS. They are the reduced, fundamentalist words of FEAR and ANGER - of flight and fight. They are words available for your use, for the buttressing of your own ego, in order to manipulate you - your thoughts, your actions. Now we have, e.g., "hate speech," being overlaid upon free speech, and you are invited to use it to smear others as if they were speakers of STINKY DOO DOO! Hate bad! Hate smells like my diaper! Speak only love speak! No more bad! My Big Brother will beat you up! Neener neener!

Divide and conquer, is what it is. The elites, who often just think this way because they are largely psychopaths, spend time and money finding ways to keep their hides safe and fat. The last thing they want you to think is that they are in any kind of conspiracies. So, feel big and proud when you dismiss thinking people as being, "conspiracy theorists." You are doing them a favour. And let's keep the left and right completely opposite, and trapped in corporatist political parties. Never the twain shall meet.

And these broad labels, or garbage can words, do not only bring down innocent people, blamed by false association. They CREATE bad people. They become the things that messed up people want to be: wingnuts, terrorists, revolutionaries like that guy from Janesville the other day. They are traps inside and out. Just as the FBI entraps people by inducing them to sell drugs, etc., these labels become psychological traps, creating monsters out of losers.

The main point of this post is the irony of it all. The King is now the Criminal. All you had to do was to study Trump, and how they broke him. Trump is now a functionary of the Deep State, and all its member corporations. The fact that he is a raging narcissist made it a little easier for them. So was Bill Clinton, who gave us Welfare Reform, the Crime Bill, and NAFTA - and sexual harassment of an intern - whom we all somehow know and love.

And, what is about the worst crime possible, ever? Pedophilia, right? So, guess what is rampant in the halls of power, precisely because it is the last thing you would expect? That's right. That what power does - that's how people get. The act is all the more thrilling because it is all the more criminal. You see? They are in defiance.

Using the word, "they," can also be a trap - a garbage can word. I used it for brevity, above, instead of spending a lot of time pasting my links on pedophilia in government. You can research that.

Again, the irony is that what once was the GOOD, is now the EVIL. And it is doing all it can to get us to oppose whatever threatens it, such as the truth. Thus, the encroaching limitations on our speech, internet and privacy.

This morning, on NPR: Some "intelligence" official was explaining that the North Koreans might be playing volleyball on their weapons facility as some kind of message to us, the West. What could that message be? Well, maybe they are trying to hint that they are NOT going to do another missile test. Or.... maybe they are using reverse-psychology, and trying to fake us out, because they really PLAN on doing another missile test. Or...

How about that for sheer paranoid mental illness, and rationalisation? But, since the USA is top dog, King of the Hill, the only way it can think now is in paranoia - because everyone else wants to be number one, and bring the USA down. Everyone is an enemy. Everyone everywhere. Including you and me.

Remember the Weapons of Mass Destruction, that the Bush administration promised were in Iraq? This was paranoia converted into a deliberate lie, to rationalise our country going to war with Iraq, (for oil and money), even though Al Qaeda was not in Iraq. Good old Uncle Sam, professional conspiracy theorist Number One.

Remember our projection of conspiracy onto Al Qaeda, onto ISIS, onto Qaddafi? All those babies in incubators dying, which never happened? That crying girl who was paid to act it out? And when USA workers were killed in Libya, Obama held an actual conspiracy in the White House, of Security Intelligencia, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, John Boehner, and others, figuring out how to lie to the American public.

In 2015, Obama was urged to bomm Syria, based on "solid evidence" that Assad had attacked "his own people" with chemical weapons. After a year, Obama relented and went ahead and did the bomming. It turns out that that information was, again, false. 2017: Same game happens all over again. No evidence that Assad had used chemical weapons, but Trump went in and retaliated anyway, sending his popularity ratings right back up again.

It's all a huge mind trap. It is the behaviour of the mentally ill - addicted to delusions and lies, and then attacking these straw men and false flags. The almost endless drama of Russia-gate, and claiming that Trump, Trump associates, Alex Jones, anyone, was virtually a Russian agent - based on no real evidence. And when Wikileaks exposes the DNC's ACTUAL conspiracy against Bernie Sanders, what happens? They run Hillary to loose, Hillary retains Wasserman-Schultz, and they blame Wikileaks as being the latest conspiracy. Expecting to WIN?!

As soon as Clinton's role as Secretary of State began, Obama switched to an outright antagonistic stance towards Putin and Russia. Why? Because Clinton vanguarded the plan devised by a Neocon conspiracy called PNAC - and a military conspiracy of continuing Containment - and an even more hidden conspiracy to grab resources in Poland and Ukraine and the Arctic because of global warming and rising populations - and for the profits of Monsanto.

And, need I mention that ISIS was created by USA Security Intelligencia, out of Al Qaeda, which had run it's course as a useful enemy. When we pulled out of Iraq, we left behind a whole bunch of weapons and equipment, which ISIS scooped right up. Somehow, ISIS also ended up with a whole line of brand new Toyota trucks. Who do you think arranged that, in some back room, linking it to some Toyota liability law suit, no doubt? And, suddenly ISIS men were all dressed in scary black, wearing black masks identical to the Soros-funded "rebels" fighting Russia in Ukraine. Except, ISIS was also wearing hot new white tennis shoes.

Perennial puppet/advocate for war, John McCain was photographed chumming around with Al Qaeda. (A similar incident occurred with ISIS, but I forgot it). Obama said he was at war with ISIS in Syria, but he avoided bomming them. He had fighter fly sorties, and return home having not dropped any bomms - or else having dumped them. Once, when he vowed to finally get serious attacking ISIS, he had airplanes drop notes over ISIS territory, saying something like: "You'd better go somewhere because we are going to bomm you tomorrow." Seriously.

How ISIS has been a tool to ramp up fear in Europe and America, must be left for other long posts. Back when I was gathering notes and links for such posts - that's when my laptop was completely destroyed.

Let it just be said that the so-called authorities are invested in making us think that there is a terrorist under every bed, and so forth. And, so, their paranoid, conspiratorial thinking is made our own, while we allow them to monitor our every move. I remember when I asked to drop my Chase Bank checking account via phone. The woman said, "First, you must answer these security questions..."

She proceeded to ask me things about my life that they never should have known. I said, "You don't have any right to that kind of information!" And she said, "Well, we need to ask these questions for your own good - just in case you are trying to steal your account!' (Or something to that effect). See the subtle confusing of me with some potential criminal? Same person!

I did not comply.

Drug testing in order to be employed. Drug testing if you want to receive Medicaid in Wisconsin.* Voter ID. Random highway checks for alcohol - or merely to educate you. Spying on every damn thing on the internet. Spying on millions of Americans who happen to be talking to people overseas. Spying on Andrea Merkel. Spying on Trump? "Oh, I NEVER!" (Yes, he did).

Our nation has become one big, paranoid CONSPIRACY THEORIST!

Today, it was reported that TWO UNNAMED SOURCES assert that - what was it? That Assad had chemical weapons? That ISIS was responsible for the latest bommings? That Russia did hack the USA? That Korea was planning a nuclear test? Or THIS?  I can't even remember. There have been so many stories from unnamed sources, ie., from Security Intelligensia or rogues planting fake news, that I just can't keep it straight anymore. But, NPR and the rest of the media pay no mind to this serious flaw. They just take the story and run with it, as if it is somehow God's Given Truth. The corporatised media is part of the mental illness.

And if you don't think that the media is a conspiracy, filled with Pentagon and CIA sources and talking heads; with CEOs and Board Members all incestuously sitting on each other's boards and golfing together, and everyone getting easy money from Big Pharm, Big Ag, and Big Campaign Doners like, oh, China - all the while doing special favours for Big Brother, then I've got an infrastructure I'd like to sell you.

* - Proposed law by Scott Walker

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