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eek /crazy - manson

"Ann Coulter’s ‘hate speech’ is not protected by the First Amendment"

Posted on 2017.04.21 at 14:27
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I reeeeely do not like Ann Coulter.  I think she suprised me a few months ago by doing or saying something sensible, but, other than that, she is pretty much Satan.  Sorry for my hate speech.

But, this is just plain WRONG:

Howard Dean, regarding Ann Coulter:

All speech is protected by the First Amendment, except for words that mean to incite violence or treason!

Why are Dems forever spewing out these silly pronouncements lately? It's embarrassing. Howard Dean's words are only blowing oxygen on hot embers, assuring that Ann Coulter's appearance will be attended by actual violence, over words. It's like some kind of Puritanical contagion - some PC hysteria. It's dangerous. And it seems that the Trump administration, now bent to the will of those who also controlled Hillary and Obama, (including the Bush's), wants to make a false flag event out of this Coulter appearance. For what purpose? In case you haven't noticed, they have been like a python, slowly squeezing away upon our freedom of speech, our internet, our privacy. And the two parties just stupidly skip alongside, as they do for war and military machinery.

In a world of accelerating difference between the wealthy and the poor, don't you think the elites want to make things safer for themselves - richer for themselves - more god-like? Don't you think that they would conspire to keep the expanding, demanding masses in check, before they all erupt and reveal that the elites wear no clothes? With all the trillions that they have, don't you think that playing little games, and manipulating little puppets, is not at all beyond them? Ironically, many of them are headed for bunkers, in anticipation of Trump's upcoming WWIII, while at the same time they fear that the masses might up and throw them all in jail. Same difference.

Politicians are like dogs seeking out the smell of meat, or a bitch in heat. They follow the money. Always. They make it look like they are following the voters, but they follow those who control the money. They constantly want to be on the side that's winning, and so they sign away their souls to the ultimate FAIL. Their leaders have interests which are more and more, diametrically, opposed to the interests of the people.

Let's regulate hate speech as if it were physically criminal. But corporations are free to shoot their mouths off, ad infinitum, because they're talking money, money, money - which hurts, maims and kills, in reality. But ya can't hate MONEY! Come on! That would be Communist! Ya can't hate this endless parasite of our imperialism!

So, when the contest comes down to words of the people versus words of the elites, what's going to happen? Ultimately? Shall I euphemistically call it euthanasia? Population control? A culling of the herd? Have you heard?

The word is WAR.

That's their simple answer to everything.

Real Liberals have always fought to preserve and expand our FREEDOM OF SPEECH. That includes the speech even of haters, and the people we hate. And, so I am posting a little hate speech from a conservative, hate hate hating on Howard Dean:

J.J. Sefton of Ace of Spades HQ:

Let me say for his benefit and any other Leftist reading this, there is no such thing as hate speech. There's only speech. And in this country, it's still a G-d given right. So long as it does not openly incite violence, it's guaranteed. In any case it is you and your party and political movement that incite the violence, fought for slavery and segregation, locked citizens up in concentration camps, destroyed lives via a crushing socialist welfare state, that seeks the eradication of our Constitution, the dissolution of our society and the consolidation of power via unchecked mass migration and chaos. Barack Obama encouraged your minions not to sit down and have a civilized discourse over a cup of coffee but to get in our faces. You sir and your rotten ilk are the fascists and totalitarians. Much as it might personally satisfy me to see you muzzled, you have a right to spew your idiotic, inchoate drivel as much as I or Ann Coulter have the right to call you out on it. You, sir, are a tiresome fool, but you are dangerous nonetheless. If you are given time to obliquely if not openly call for the abolition of the 1st Amendment and a citizen's right to speak, I cannot allow that to go unanswered because if you have your way, I won't ever be able to.

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