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I am the person who will destroy China.

News of The World

It's odd when the news actually speaks to me and my particularly strange situation. I want to travel, but all I have is Social Security (disability). (I also want to move somewhere away from people just so I can write and then make my own money). So, this story is nice - and it may be nice for a few of you. And so I am adding other interesting news, for your own private raised or lowered thumbs...

10 Countries Where That Social Security Check Will Let You Retire in Style

Get my FREE 30 steps guide to financial independence.

Here's why I don't want to move HERE...

How to Travel Despite Disease

As Waikiki moves homeless out of tourist zones, some fear perpetual displacement - repost? - not good for poor people to move to happy Hawaii

Pets sleeping on your bed growing trend

Not a great place for elephants.

Gender-affirming restrooms recommended for schools

That's all for now.
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